Sunday, January 18, 2009

Oh La La

Fancy Schmancy day yesterday. It was tres incredible (pronounced Tray On Cre Dee Bluh for all of you wanna be French speakers,) and alot of fun.

Started my day by waking up at my friend Katie's house, where we dined on Toaster Strudel's and water for breakfast before dashing out the door to the bridal store.

Our friend, Courtney, is getting married to her college sweetheart, Sean, in May, and several of us are bridesmaids. So off to the super store of bridal things to try on the dresses she had picked out for us. They are yellow (I know, I am very afraid of it too! Hopefully I can get some color on me before May 9th,) and cut at the knee, and look beautiful!

Then, off to lunch at Chili's where I had the Delectable Cajun Chicken Pasta. Yum.

Drove back to G-ville and continued my Fancy Schmancy day.

Ian and I went to our friend, Sam's apartment, for dinner and a movie with him and his roommate Andy and Andy's girlfriend Allie. We wined and dined and then took in an Opera.

I know. Aren't we just the fanciest?

Okay, so it was Phantom of the Opera, but they had never seen the movie and they LOVED it!

Today = not so fancy, but that's alright. With sunday school, and church, and teaching sunday school, and eating homemade chicken noodle soup, and taking a Sunday afternoon nap, and sleeping through our Sunday school leadership meeting, it has all been a very busy day.

Now, we are going to eat some cereal for dinner and go see the movie Defiance with Sam and Andy, on gift cards.

Because we are not rich people.

Just fancy-ish.

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