Monday, January 26, 2009

Sick, Sicker, Sickest

Ian and I battled it out over who was more sick. The votes are still out and I am not really sure if we will ever know, haha.

To be fair, he felt sick FIRST, by waking up Thursday with a horribly sore throat and a slight headache, I didn't feel bad at all until that afternoon.

By that night, I had the aches all over and the chills, but his throat was passable as long as he kept something cold around (strawberries and grapes helped!)

By Friday I had a cough, sore throat, and major conjestion, but thanks to the lovely mucinex, it was under control and NOT heading to my lungs like last time.

Friday night, Ian and the worst congestion I think he has ever had.

it'S NOT that big of a deal, right? hahaha.

Right. Saturday, Ian was on the mend, and I napped half the day to make it through the parts that I HAD to be awake for.

Sunday, Ian was almost all better. Me, I had fever and chills, and general muscle fatigue...and, oh yeah, no voice. But I was technically feeling better.

By Monday, it was all almost a dream, except for how exhausted we both were.

And today? Only a slight headache.

Did I mention we were staying with my friend, Courtney, the whole time?

I hope she doesn't get sick!!!!

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