Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blogging Book Goal- Book #5

I can not believe how long it has been since I have completed a book. I think that's because I started a 700 page book, and then right in the middle of it, book club started back up, and I got distracted.

The book that I just finished IS the book from book club, and, technically, we are supposed to have another 2-3 weeks on it, but I got so excited I just had to finish it. And, since the other book clubbers probably will read this post, I am not going to give away any details.

Let me tell you what:

The Count of Monte Cristo
by Alexandre Dumas

might just have become my favorite book ever. EVER.

It was amazing. And, though I am a huge fan of the movie made a couple of years ago, I would be an even HUGER fan of the movie if they made it even remotely like the book.


I don't think I have read a book that has a movie that is SO far off!

So you really need to read it. It's a doozy of a book (500 pages,) but it just pulls you in and leaves you screaming "What?! What's going to happen next? Noooooo! Don't end a chapter!"

Note to self: When reading during class time, (the kids were doing a practice FCAT Writes and I could not do anything else,) don't hyperventilate when you reach a climactic point in the book.

It scares the kids.

And frightens the principal when she comes in to observe.

And then she will give you weird faces for the rest of the week.


Kyle Scharf said...

man... that's one of my favorite movies, now i feel like i HAVE to read this 500 page book... dangit.

you should read the old man who read love stories by luis sepulveda next. that's my favorite book ever.

Callie said...

I've always wanted to read "The Count of Monte Cristo", and now I want to read it even more!
Did you really hyperventilate in the middle of class? LOL! That part made me laugh!