Friday, February 27, 2009

Tongue Tied

Yesterday, was one of those days.

You know the kind. The days when you JUST can't seem to get your words right! All day long, I was calling the students by the wrong name, or saying the wrong thing. At one point I even said, "just ignore whatever I say today!"

Good thing they don't know what the word "ignore," means!

Uggggh, but, my utter embarrassment came later that day. When talking with another teacher, our conversation went very normally until the end:

Teacher: Well, it was good talking with you! I hope you find work soon!
Me: Thanks! I hope your internship ends well.
Teacher: Thanks! Have a good night!
Me: Okay, You're Welcome!


You're Welcome? Where did that come from?! Luckily we had already parted and I was just trying to say goodbye as we walked away, but, You're Welcome????

Oi Vey!

I felt so dumb, but luckily I could duck into the room and hide my embarrassment from all who were walking by.

oh. right.

Yeah, a group of about 5 other teachers HAPPENED to be walking by right then.


Then, I drove home, stopped at Publix, and was so flustered that I dropped an entire container of blueberries on the floor. They all rolled every which way, and then I dropped my basket in desperation to clean up my mess.

It fell on top of some blueberries.

They were squished.

I was embarrassed.

Hopefully, I will have it more together today!!

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katie said...

oh bless your heart!

Most days I have days when my words don't make sense / don't come out right / are confusing / inappropriate / etc. etc.. And its fairly painful, unless its with the Mr because he just lets me laugh it off with him.

I hope today is better and I hope you're excited with it being your last day!