Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day- My Husband

Over at Katie's blog, she did this little question and answer, and I loved it! Here is a little bit about my husband, Ian, and our life together!

) Where did you meet? Sixth Grade, Gifted Science, I believe. It was a small gifted program, so it's very possible we had several classes together that year. But I was SO not interested in boys then!

2) How long till you got married? From when we met? Ten years.
From when we started dating? Two and a half.

3) How long have you been married? 8 months, today :) (I just realized that! and ran in and gave hubby a surprise smooch!)

4) Your favorite feature of his? His stunning blue eyes, and cute dimples.

5) Your favorite quality of his? He makes me laugh, like no one else.

6) Does he have a nickname for you?
It's Batata.
That's Arabic for potatoe.
When he was in the Middle East, learning the language, he told me the word and I just thought it was hilarious.
Also, Habibti, Arabic for "my love"

7) His favorite food? Probably steak. His parents make it alot, but, unfortunately, we have no grill, and pan grilled is just not the same. So we've had it, like, twice since we got married.

8) What is his favorite sport to watch? College Football. Georgia Bulldogs, Florida Gators, or any other SEC team.

9) When was your first kiss? 2006. About a week into dating, knowing he was about to leave to go back to school, I think we were watching "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days," that, or "Lilo and Stitch," which I insisted he watch.

10) Whats your favorite thing to do as a couple? Probably read. I know that's not a "couple" activity, but we love to snuggle on the couch, reading our own books, interjecting to tell each other how wonderful/awful it is, or to ask questions about what we are reading.

11) Do you have kids? Nooooooo. We definitely do want kids, but are appreciating this season of life first, before rushing into the next.

12) Does he have a hidden talent? Yeah, I guess. A weird eyebrow thing. It freaks me out.

13) How old is he? 22

14) Who said I love you first? Ummm. I did. And I am not exactly proud of it. You see, I knew he was itching to say it, but he had set a date in his head that he had to wait until. Unfortunately, that would come AFTER the fact that I flew across the Atlantic, and though long distance flights don't usually phase me, this one did. I was very nervous, and felt that something bad was going to happen on my European trip. So I said it. Just in case I died.

And then I cried, because, come on! He should have said it first! And he agreed, he should have. Unfortunately, I was little scarred from that, and it took me a couple of months to be okay with those three little words again.

15) What do you admire most about him? His wit and wisdom. He is my rock in a stormy sea. But, probably the thing I admire the most, is how laid back he is. He's really taught me alot about not worrying, and just sitting back to see what will happen. You may not think I am, but I am a MILLION times more relaxed and laid back then I was 4 years ago.

16) What is his favorite type of music? Mariachi band music. haha. Noooo, I don't know. He likes a little bit of everything. He gets a kick out of Frank Sinatra, Jack Johnson, The Postal Service, and any classic rock.

17) Do you think he will read this? Probably not. He says "I live it! I don't even have to read about it!" but every once and a while I make him read a post when I think I am really funny.

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Emily said...

Britt, you're too CUTE!! I'm sure Ian is blushing to death at this one if you let him read it! Hope you two had a wonderful Valentine's Day! Ours has been crazy- I did 2 Girl Scout Cookie booths with Emma and Sophie. We still managed a quiet dinner together which is a MAJOR accomplishment with us! Love from the Vargas Clan!!