Sunday, February 15, 2009

VDay Recap- Part One

We started our first ever Valentines Day off in a rather unconventional way.

(yes, I said first ever. For the past three years, he was either in a nother state, or on another continent during the months surrounding and on this holiday.)

We went hiking. With our friend. Sam.
Ian and I woke up at a leisurely rate, ate some fruit loops, then hopped in the car to pick up our friend, Sam, and head on out to te local national forest, for some good old fashioned, tromping through the woods fun.
We arrived at the Lake Eaton trail head, hiked the 2 mile loop into and out of a giant sink hole, then took a "diversion," aka, a wrong turn, for an additional 2 mile walk. Got back to the car and saw another trail in the opposite direction, to add an additional 3 miles to our hike.

It was alot of fun, with beautiful weather and time to take pictures, however, my fruit loops wasn't really hike preparation food, and I could feel my blood sugar levels plummeting. About two hours in, I was ready for lunch. So we scouted out the local Sonny's BarBque. YUM!

What the real Florida looks like, for all of you readers who think its all beaches and swamps.

A storm was blowing in.

Scrub land.

Why not stop and discuss politics/economics? Duh....
(I couldn't tell you what they were talking about. I zoned out after hearing the words business, formation, and integration....Zzzzzzz.)

My handsome husband, Ian, and his best friend, Sam. Us three, on the edge of Creepy Lake Eaton. What looks like should be so heavily gator infested water!

Still talking business.
Ian and I!

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Emily said...

Nothing says love like a tromp through a swamp! If it makes you feel better- Friday, Emma made me do the Mud Walk at the environmental center! Knee deep in mud a mosquitos- eeeee-hah! Your blog always makes me smile! You and Ian are an adventurous duo! Love to you both and Happy belated birthday to you!