Monday, March 2, 2009

Coffee House Chat

Tonight, Ian and I took a visitor to our Sunday School class out for coffee. First of all, we both fell in love with this idea! It was so easy to do, because everyone likes coffee (or at least the coffee house atmosphere!!) so they are not really going to turn you down. And what a great way to say "welcome to our church, we are interested in YOU!"

Right. So we sat and talked with this guy, with two other sunday school members for an hour and a half, and it was alot of fun.

Best of all, was the stories that people had to tell. I love learning about people and their lives. Too bad I am so darn shy.

What?!? You didn't know I was shy? Well, I am. In fact, I about peed in my pants laughing, this weekend, when my brother-in-laws girlfriend told me she thought I was the outgoing, carefree one, out of my sister and I.

Heather about had a heartattack too, when she heard.

Right. So I am not outgoing. Nor carefree. Though I really am working on it! I've gotten alot more "laid back," in my old age, haha. Trust me. Just ask anyone who knew me five years ago, I was much more, um, high strung.

Acck. I'm having a hard time getting my words out right tonight.

Focus, Brittney, Focus.

So we are in the coffee house, when Jake (sunday school guy,) asks the new guy if he's married (new guy has a wedding ring on.)

New guy (yes, I do know his name- I'm 'protecting' his identity people!) tells us something shocking!

He's not married.
But he does work in a hospital.
And he wears an actual wedding ring to keep, um, interested gentlemen away from him.

We were all shocked, but, according to new guy, this is quite a problem in health care.
In fact, he had to transfer hospitals because of it.

Poor soul.
Just trying to be a woman lover like God says to be.

We stayed pretty shocked over that for awhile.

THEN, I heard the nursing students at the table next to us, talking VERY loudly through their notes.

Apparently, according to their textbook, people can be genetically disposed for a need for organized religion.


Um. I really wanted to tap them on the shoulder and have a conversation with them.
It would go something like this:

Me: Um, Hi! I couldn't help but overhear your studying.
Them: Oh, we're sorry for being so obnoxiously loud with our note reading.
Me: Oh, no problem! I was really just interested in the bunch of crap that your book is feeding you!
Them: Really? Which part?
Me: The part about genetically predisposed for religion. Do you really believe that?
Them: Oh yes. Oh yes! We are college students. Therefore we get to be ignorant about all things...logical. Of course we believe that!
Me: Alright, as long as you know it makes no logical sense!
Them: Oh yes, we know perfectly well. But, after all, we're college students! Who needs logic!


Been listening to the soundtrack from McMama's photography website. I need to track down some of these artists! I especially like the French stuff.


Heather @ Simple Wives said...

I love going out for coffee with people. It's a relaxing atmosphere, and so easy to "get to know" others. :)

Anonymous said...

Quiet? Serious?? Me???!!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

I feel rather silly laughing in my room all by myself but your line about the guy just trying to be a woman lover has me in stiches!
I love you friend!

Emily said...

Okay- I know I'm a geezer compaired to you, but I really have NEVER heard of wearing a wedding ring to keep from being hit on by a homosexual! I have heard of single people wearing them to get hit on- for some weird reason, some folks like to hit on married folks. Never actually seen that, but as I get older, life gets weirder! Thought your imagined conversation was hilarious! So was the mention of Heather being the quiet one!! Thanks for the smile!!