Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Look of March

Today was spent sprucing up the house. No, it wasn't spring cleaning, but rather, spring decorating...er, spring living. Some of it was already finished before today, but just has not been shared before. And, some of it is new things that I am trying!


This is my magnetic memo board- I love it! I used to use it to keep track of who I need to call, but lately I have no problem keeping up with those few people who do the same! So I added a spring colored background, and some B&W from the wedding!

We FINALLY got our prints back from our photographer, six months later! I didn't get to many prints for myself, because I knew that I would rather do a digital book, then have it printed, rather than scrapbook it. I love how the frames turned out, though, I learned something new- frames are expensive!

Changed up our table setting from our "winter theme," which consisted of a glass jar filled with light blue, silver, and white ornaments, and a light blue table runner. I decided to go the cheap way this month, since we don't REALLY celebrate St. Patricks Day, and made the lacemats out of scrapbooking paper and cut out shamrocks. From my classroom, I had all of these gold coins that are scattered on the silver charger, and my lovely green Parker bowl (from Mrs. Angela!,) holds an inexpensive pot of Chrysanthemum's!

Closer look at the handiwork. The placemats aren't really usable for eating on, but they sure do add some color! I'm already working on the ones for next month- easter!!

haha, this was my original March centerpiece. But I hated it! So now it is my banana holder. Usually the green Parker bowl is our fruit bowl, so I just switched the two out.

Mmmmm. I know you have all been dying to try Bakerella's Cookie Brownie Bars, but, if you are like me, you don't want to buy cookie dough AND brownie mix- that's alot of baked goods. Publix had buy one get one on Betty Crocker Brownie mixes, and THIS is one of them!! Yum!

I was super worried about my insationable hunger as of late, and Ian and I figured out some ways to curb it. I guess I am just worried, because I am sitting at home all day now, and I didn't want to put on snacking weight! So I am drinking this protein drink (in milk to fill me more,) instead of a morning snack. In the afternoons, I eat a protein rich Luna or Cliff bar- which I love!

And, these are my "classes," or subjects that I am studying by myself. Sociology, World History, a French Review, Vocabulary, and some online lectures from www.academicearth.org . I am still trying to decide which "course" to take. My interests are in English and History, but I feel like I should diversify a little. Unfortuntely, since academic earth is just getting started, their idea of diversifying in math or science includes topics like Biomedical engineering and Advanced Linear Algebra!! I would like to just find an Algebra book, and work my way through it!

Ahhh yes. I've been doing this work out for a month now (thank you Netflix and your "return whenever," policy!) I LOVE IT. It feels SO good to do, and I can actually see how it is working on sculpting my muscles into longer and leaner- I don't want to bulk up!!
That's it for now! I'd love to add some more, but there is only so much you can do on a limited budget!


Anonymous said...

Super cute placemats, love it D! Also, I can't help but wonder if the security words you have to type in to post a comment are real words - in some other language. Mine this time was "pasto". Also, I have to tell you about the uber-blonde moment that Ryan witnessed the other day. You would totally approve.

Hannah said...

What a great idea with those placemats! I was just looking at my decor yesterday thinking it needs some change. I think you have inspired me!! Thanks

Kristin said...

Thanks for following my blog!! Your blog is really cute! And frames ARE expensive!! Sometimes you can get good deals on frames at Hobby Lobby. Not sure if FL has a Hobby Lobby. Your wedding photos look great! Very simple and classic looking! Love your decorations too!

OlyviaNoel said...

LOVE your wedding photos in those frames! We haven't made prints of ours yet and I really want to :) Your table decor was very cute! And as for those cookie brownie bars... yum. Matt & I love those!