Saturday, March 7, 2009

Europe Revisited- Part One- London

In the summer of 2006, I had the opportunity of a lifetime-to go to Western Europe and see London, Oxford, Normandy, and Paris!

I went with Student Leadership University, an amazing leadership group that trains student up in the premise of "Five years from now, you will be the same person you are today except for the People you Meet, the Places you Go, and the Books you Read." So they take you to all sorts of crazy places, introduce you to important people, and recommend a boat load of books!

So, over the next several days, I will be recapping my trip here, since I never really said much about it afterwards (it was pre-blogging days.)

Before I start, however, let me recap by reminding you of THIS post, (please oh please someone read it! It was some of my best work and NO one commented on it!) about how incredibly sick I was on this trip. I was diagnosed with my second bout of strep throat less than 24 hours before departure. (remember Dad? You took me to the urgent care center on Memorial day? *sigh* My dad is the best!) Right. So, I was very drugged up and did not care too much for taking pictures. Just was in kind of a cloudy haze for most of the trip, which was really unfortunate. SO, I don't have ANY pictures of St.Paul's Cathedral, hardly any of the city, and only 2 fro mWestminster Abbey. It's a crying shame I tell ya!

Three of my best friends from high school (this was a year after graduation!) This was taken at a "night club," where we had dinner before going to see Les Miserables on London Broadway (not really sure the technical name of it!)

It's official. I am the best friend. Ever. I "proposed," to Katie on the steps of Buckingham castle! Or, at least the gates of it.

We're buds.

HAHAHA, this is one of my favorite pictures of all times. You see, the whole theme of this trip should have been "Go more places, eat less food," so anytime we came upon food we were simply famished! (in fact, ben here, carried a loaf of banana bread around in his back pack for nourishment during this trip. I, snuck in and ate at least half of it!) Right, so we were taken down into this dank dark dungeon of a place and given this nasty loaf of bread and this pitcher of "lemonade," aka Airborne in a pitcher. It was gross, and we were not appreciative.

Jessica and I at the Winston Churchill museum (one of my favorites! I highly recommend it!) looking all stern with... a was person. Not really sure who that was.

The British Library! A really neat quick stop, which was somewhat near the British Museum, and we saw some VERY important historical documents. Due to the medical haze, I don't remember much of this part of the trip.

Oh, the British Museum. My favorite. Seriously. More than the Louvre, in Paris. Honest to goodness one of the best museums ever.

A little bit of Egyptian history for ya! Unfortunately, I lost interest in taking pictures, (darn you Benedryl!)

Part of The Tower of London! Where the crown jewels were stored and a very neat "living history museum," was. Also, nearby was the River Thames and the "London Bridge," which is actually called The Tower Bridge, and the real "London Bridge," in the middle of the Arizona desert. I'm serious. A rich man bought it and had it moved there. We're weird, us Americans.

HEY! It's us and a Bobby...bobbie? I don't really know. It was some national holiday and there was a military parade right outside of the Winston Churchill museum, so, naturally, we bugged them for a picture.

Um. That's a gate. And, taken out of context of my photo files, I have no idea what it goes to. I think, either Buckingham Palace, or Westminster Abbey. PS, we didn't get to see Big Ben (except from a distance.) Sad.

The Abbey. Anyone everseen Friends, when they are in London? Joey calls Chandler "Westminster Crabby," and, in my medical haze, I thought that was flippin hilarious on this particular day. Said it over and over to myself.

Now, this gate I recognize! Part of the detail work on Buckingham Palace.

Harrods!! I still want to go in there! This picture was taken from a bus window. I'm not even sure if that's the real place.

All in all, it was a great leg of the trip. We had an amazing tour guide, named Ralph, who became very attached to us girls (don't worry, he was like, 40,) and we even got to hear from Winston Churchill's grandson! AND we got to go into a "Royal," society building. I think it was the Royal Automobile Club, which, having the word "royal," attached to it means that an actual memeber of the royal family is part of it! woo HOO.

Also. I saw a man in a kilt.

I about passed out.

Then, I took a picture of it.

That will come later.


Unknown said...

I loved the pictures. I live an hour away from London and still do not think I have seen the best of it. If you ever come again make sure you see a west end stage show :)

Your're right about the British Museum - it's displays are awesome! X.

Callie said...

Wow, it looks like you got to see alot on your trip! Someday maybe Ill make it to Europe, then I'll ask you about all the best places to go! *smile*