Monday, March 30, 2009

Katie Beth,

Yes, I am posting just for you!

I saw your comment on my last post and my reaction was "heck yes I want to keep reading your blog!"

Then, I went to go tell you that, and I couldn't!

I searched high and low for any additional contact information, but, alas, I could not find it.

So, in seeing I am in the predictament that I am, please let me know how to be added.

Also, I understand protecting your blog.
There are some weirdos out there.
Like someone who does an entire blog to you even though you have never met, haha!


katie said...


Sorry I should have left you an email address that you could reach me on.

If you send me a google email to, I will definitely "invite" you as a reader. Then I think you just log in and it will know you or something!

Thanks for the sweet post!


Heather @ Simple Wives said...

On your last post...I should probably get one of those! I need to drink more water!