Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

Funny how a big a "holiday," can become here in the US, isn't it? I find it amusing how we'll use any excuse to party.

Me? Well I did absolutely nothing today. And by nothing, I mean I kept myself busy inside the house for the entire day.

Woke up still not feeling good (I started feeling nauseous yesterday and dizzy,) and made myself go back to sleep until almost nine. Woke up still feeling like I was going to fall right over, but I made myself get up and eat something, before tackling the big project for the day.

You see, this weekend, Ian and I finally unloaded all of my teaching stuff from the car. And then it just SAT in our beautiful office, making it look and feel very cluttered. So, today it was my job to unpack, sort out, and reorganize all of the books, including the four boxes going to my friend Olyvia (I hope you have room!) And then, naturally, it made me feel like cleaning out other parts of the spare closet, like my arts drawers, and organizing my stationary and correspondence material.

So I got all of Olyvia's books boxed up and put out by the door, and organized all of the books I would be keeping into three different age groups, and got SoMe of the closet put back together....

And then I got bored.

And distracted by a subproject.

And figuring out how to bake a potato in the microwave for my dinner (what?!? we don't eat potatoes ever!)

And now it's 11 o'clock at night and there are boxes, and crates, and the vacuum cleaner, and our old TV, sitting in the middle of our beautiful office. And husband keeps tripping over stuff.

But that's what tomorrow is for!

PS: I think I figured out I was somewhat dehydrated. I drank two glasses of water and within half an hour I felt perfectly fine. Which was weird, until I realized I have drunk nothing but milk for the last four days. Darn it.


katie said...

yay for a day of organizing! I'm sooooo bad at unpacking boxes, suitcases, anything really.

I didn't know you could bake a potatoe in the microwave! How exciting.

Marsha C said...

Well, I hope the potatoe came out O.K. The rest of the stuff will come together. I promise. This is coming from someone who has been tripping over boxes for 2 1/2 weeks. Momma says "Drink More Water". :o)

Hannah said...

glad you're feeling better... at the beginning of your post I was starting to think you were going to announce you were expecting:)just dehydrated huh.
days to organize and just relax are great! Glad you enjoyed your St Pattys Day!

OlyviaNoel said...

Hooray for boxes of books! I will make room :) It's always a good feeling to organize and complete little projects around the home. Glad you're feeling better!

Emily said...

You had me worried, Britt! I was afraid you contracted the horrible stomach bug that invaded the Alderman home and made them miserable! Drink water, Girl!! It is your friend and if you don't wish to spend tons of money on skin care, then drink tons of it! I'm impressed that you organized stuff in spite of feeling lousy! I'm always on a quest to organize things around here. It is a never-ending battle with the kids' rooms! I finally did my own closet the other day! It felt great to get rid of tons of size 12 clothing! May I never be that size again!

Jessica said...

Hi...I found your blog somehow, and just wanted to say that I really like it! I think we have a lot in common: I am also a newlywed and a teacher (well, wannabe teacher. I'm a special education aide trying to find a full time teaching position). I also love to read!

Your blog is really cute and fun to read :-)

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

I love it when I get my house organized...it's been SO disorganized lately with so much going on.