Thursday, March 19, 2009

What a Week

No, it hasn't been particularly busy.

And, no, I haven't had a lot of, say, human interaction.

But I can say it has been a slightly hectic week!

As I said in my last post, I started the task of cleaning all of my classroom supplies and that segwayed into cleaning out our office/second bedroom's closet.


Two whole days passed.

And I was STILL working on that closet! Yesterday was taking care of alot of trash. Or rather, convincing myself to get rid of stuff that no one wants but I kept anyways.

For example: No, I don't need that old laptop battery that doesn't work and has been replaced.

No, I don't need that set of stickers the Aldermans gave me when I was ten.

No, I don't need to keep all of the cd's that no one listens to anymore. What? You don't want to listen to S Club Seven or Plus One?!? Are you crazy?

And then I moved on to the organization of the crazy things I buy to much of. Let me explain. Obviously I am not a big spender. Obviously. But there are things I will buy more of if I see a good deal, even when I don't need them. Such as : stationary, notepads, post-its, and pens.

Oh boy. I just need to avoid that whole front section of Tar-gay!

I laid out all of my sets of stationary, side by side, and let me tell you what! It stretched for at least 12 feet. I was shocked. I love how I organized all of those into a rubermaid container! Pictures to come in the next day or two.

Then, today happened. And I was just super tired, (Ian and I had a rough night of sleep-thank you text messages in the middle of the night waking us up!) I did finally get up, plan our menu for the next two weeks, load my car up with trash for the dumpster, go to the grocery store (two weeks+ of groceries for 120!) stopped by our apartment complex office to 1.) let them know we would not be renewing our lease and 2.) put in a mainenance request for our bedroom window (it keeps falling down and won't stay up when opened!

I came home and unpacked the groceries, cleaned up the trash, and fell asleep in front of the tv for awhile.

All the while, I WISH I could have been in blog land, but our internet has been on the fritz lately, and I just got it to work about an hour ago! Now it's several hours until husband gets home from his long day, and three hours until The Office!

I am going to prepare several posts, in case our internet pulls a fast one on us again!

Ta Ta


Callie said...

Oh, the "fell asleep in front of the tv" part sounded heavenly! What I wouldn't give for a good nap tomorrow - but alas, I have to scrape on teeth again tomorrow. That's okay, it's almost Saturday!
I know how cleaning out can be though . . . yuck!

Emily said...

You got to sleep in front of the TV? Now that, my dear, is a luxury! Any nap that does not involve getting tackled by a dog, cat, or child- is a luxury! I got to console Emma through her check up- it's embarassing to have to talk her through a chicken pox booster! I think labor was easier!