Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fire Drill

This morning was.... a disaster.

I was sleeping blissfully in bed, having an extremely odd dream (trust me people, I could keep this blog alive on my strange dreams alone,) and was snuggled contenedly under the covers.

A loud, wailing siren pierced the early morning, and I, like any normal human, leaped straight out of bed and ran to the kitchen.


Disoriented, but having discovered it was indeed the fire alarm in our building, but not in our individual apartment, I quickly stumbled back to the room.


So, pivoting in our doorway, I was torn between acquiring my most needed glasses, or getting a coverup on before heading outside, because people, it was a FIRE alarm! And, I have to admit, I was oddly excited that I would have a real incident to blog about.

My lovely husband, all the while, has barely stirred in bed, and at this point says "is that the fire alarm?"

I'm just about to make a sprint for our bathroom to get my glasses/contacts (I'm nearly blind people!) and my wedding rings that are in my drawer (are you kidding me? If I slept with those suckers on, my fingers would be the size of a hot dog in the morning!) when, all of a sudden, the fire alarm ceased.

It stopped!

Darn it.

My husband grunted and rolled over to go back to sleep, and I was left standing in our doorway.

My heart was racing, my eyes were open, and I was ready for some action!

But, alas, nothing happened.

Everything was quiet in our building

And, I was left awake.

At least I had something to do! (blog)

Oh, sheesh.

It stopped!


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha you know you're addicted to blogging when you think when something is happening to you, "This would make a great bog"


Brittne said...

That's so funny! I often find myself thinking of blog posts at odd times.

After reading this It came to my concern that I don't think our building has a fire alarm. Each individual apartment does but I'm not sure if the building has one. I might be checking now! Thanks!

See! There was a reason for you to blog about this :D

Kelley said...

At one of my high school swim teams weekend trips, we were awoken in the morning by a fire drill at the hotel, and this is how I responded. I didn't get my glasses, shoes or jacket, and along with the 3 other girls in the room we ran out of there as fast as possible. So if there would have been a real fire, I would have been so screwed. I was totally blind AND I didn't have any shoes. It was pretty ridiculous!

Callie said...

Ha! That's terrible - I hate rude awakenings like that!