Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Little Bit o' Tennessee

About a month ago, I went up to Nashville, Tennessee, to visit my parents, who had just moved there from Orlando. My big sister flew in from DC and we had ourselves a pretty busy weekend, eating out, shopping, helping unpack, and whopping my sister in Monopoly.

Out at the Loveless Cafe, I just thought these chairs were adorable, in a 50ish kind of way.
My mom and my sister, chatting it up.

OOOOooo, look. An old abandoned prison. Ooooo Ahhhhh. Actually, this is the prison where "The Green Mile," was filmed. I haven't seen it yet, but I want to!

Spring flowers! We don't see alot of this in Florida!


and more beautiful tulips!

My parents and my sister in front of "The Parthenon," a remake of the real thing in Nashville, Tennessee.

Here's our whole family! (oh wait, minus my husband!) haha

They have models of the real thing all throughout the museum, the real things are in The British Museum (which is my FAVORITE museum ever!)

Athena, with her creepy snake bracelet. Nike is on her hand.

She's quite the massive statue. Sheesh.

Ooooh, look. A frieze!

It really was a nice day, sans the rain.


Brittne said...

Those Tulips are GORGEOUS!

That doesn't even look like a prison to me! Heck some remodeling on the inside and it could very well be a castle! Haha!

The Green Mile is a great movie! Long but SO worth it! Make sure you have Kleenex near by!

Anonymous said...

Tulips are soooo pretty!!!!

And espresso brownies are sooo good and soooooooo easy! I might blog about them next time I make them. Won't be for a while when I make them next. These babies are RICH!!!

Callie said...

I love your pictures! So pretty. It makes me want to go on vacation.

Kaylyn said...

awesome! We will be in Nashville this summer and 2 of the things on our list to do is eat at Loveless Cafe (Is it good?? What is worth getting??) and see the Parthenon (worth it?). Do your parents know of a good inexpensive place to stay while we are there?? Advice would be great! Oh, and LOVE those chairs! So retro and adorable!

Emily said...

LOVE the tulips!! Why on earth would the rednecks in Tennessee build a Parthenon? Cool....but strange! When I saw the prison picture, I wondered why that building looked familiar...The Green Mile! Great movie...need lots of tissues to watch it! Still ...a great film! Love the looked like a fun visit!