Wednesday, April 22, 2009


After all of baby Stellan's health issues, and his coming through surgery yesterday, I have been thinking alot about hearts.

More specifically, what keeps the heart in normal rhythm.

Then I thought about those hearts that were not in *perfect* or optimum rhythm, and the actions that must be done to preserve that precious life.

Sometimes, a pacemaker must be used. It makes sure the heart is keeping in harmony with itself, but if not, it is designed to get the heart back onto its correct rhythm.

I then started thinking about us.

We're walking around on God's beautiful creation, trying to strive to be in harmony and rhythm with God's direction and plan.

Sometimes however, we aren't in rhythm.

We sin.
We give up.
We fail.
We make wrong choices.

We're human.

But just because we are human does not mean that we are supposed to be outside of that God designed harmony.

It means that we need some outside help to keep our heart beating the right way.
The God way.

Our spiritual pacemaker comes in all sorts of forms.

Mine is my personal time with God, where I dive deep into his Word, with guidance from people who know more than I do.

Sometimes it's my blog and blogs that I read that act as my pacemaker. Little reminders all through out the day of what I should be doing, and who I should be doing it for.

Sometimes, you can feel yourself being pulled out of rhythm. And sometimes you might get a little panicky. You might think "There's no way I can get back on pace. It feels like I'm drowning. Like I'm suffocating."

But if you know where and what your pacemakers are, your heart can always get back in rhythm.

Be aware.
Be consciences.

And remember, that if all else fails, the best pacemaker of all is asking God directly for help, guidance, and perseverance.

What's your pacemaker?


Callie said...

Thanks for posting this Brittany - I've been dealing with alot of stuff lately, and this post was really encouraging to me!

Kelley said...

well said!