Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tax Refund!

We finally received our tax refund!

It wasn't really a lot, but it is enough to pad the bank account and make us a little more comfortable during this time.

We are not really planning on "spending" it, like on a trip or anything (though I could really use a couple of days in the Keys!), but there are a few things we might splurge on, such as :

boxes for packing and moving!!

breakfast out to eat at The Flying Biscuit (one just opened up here Courtney!)

and a haircut for me. I haven't gotten my hair cut since I got married! I don't really want to lose any length, but I do want the layers to be put back in. It doesn't look ratty yet because I have trimmed my ends every 4-6 weeks, but it is laying really strange because all of the layers have grown out, which means all of my curls are strictly at the bottom instead of correctly layered.

I am so SO grateful to have gotten the little blessing delivered to our bank account, and I hope we are wise with how we use it!

Also, expect a lot of posts over the next couple of days, as I am trying to get all caught up on everything that has been happening!

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