Friday, April 3, 2009

Tout De Suite

Meaning "quickly," or "at once,"

Beause that is what this post is going to be!

I am home from Nashville, TN, visiting my parents, and that post will be coming "tout de suite."

I'm kind of sad about my blog right now. I have what the french refer to as "ennui." which is kind of like boredom/sadness. I am not really bored with it, just kind of bummed because I feel like I have lost my voice on here. I like writing how I talk about things, with a slightly humorous/sarcastic vantage, but I feel like I have lost that in the past couple of months.

I think it's probably because of all the job losing/ not being around people all day type of thing. And every once in awhile, I write an entire post, post it, then come back five minutes later and delete it because it is just so Drab!

So for now, I am going to slow down on the posts a little. Just take my time and try to appreciate everything that is going on.

We finished our taxes today
Now, the taxes drained me (we had 7 w-2's to file. Oi! The headache!) and I plan on ignoring our male company and going into our room to watch The 30 Day shred (I like to watch it once through to get a feel of it before trying it,) and folding laundry!

Ta ta!


Callie said...

Don't feel bored or sad, because I love reading your posts!

Marsha C said...

Your posts are a highlight of my days. I can't tell you how much you make me laugh. I love you so much.

Kelley said...

i love your posts...but I do understand feeling like they aren't post worthy (I always feel that way with mine!).

ooo I can't wait to get my 30 day shred! whoo and have fun with the fam!

Emily said...

I love your posts!! They are your thoughts and feelings- and frankly, life sucks sometimes and I'd worry about you if you were always little mary sunshine. You are eloquent and honest- what a writer should be! Love ya, miss ya, and always praying for ya!!

Brittne said...

7 W'2s!!! WOW!!! I get a headache just thinking about it!

I love your posts, but take time if you need it! I went on a blogging hiatus for a few days and felt very energized and roaring to go!!