Thursday, April 9, 2009

Work It Out!

It's been a looooooong time since I actually felt like writing on here. I kind have been on cruise control for the last month. But finally, FINALLY, I feel like writing!

And I hope that makes all the difference in the world.

And even though so many of you stopped by to encourage me, telling me that it hasn't been bad at all, I knew that it wasn't my best. And even here in blog land, I want to give my best in all that I do!


This week has been.....interesting.


It all started on Monday morning, when I decided to open my Netflix up, and lo and behold, the Jillian Michael's DVD called "the 30 Day Shred."

Now, I have been drooling over this workout DVD.

Mainly because I know she's mean enough to keep my moving.

I may not LIKE it. But at least I'd be moving!

So, into the dvd player it went.

Out came my small weights (very, very small,)

And out came my dollar section from Target yoga mat.

Yeah. Dollar yoga mat is just not going to cut it.

It was like stretching on bubble wrap.

Except there wasn't the satisfaction of that *pop.*


So, I shoved the mat aside and carried on. Jillian gave a very motivational speech, and explained the "why's" behind her methodology.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Get to the sweat and tears Jillian!

Oh, she did.

She did.

I loved the dvd because it was SO fast. And short. It's only a 20 minute workout, and was so easy to keep focused on because she switches it up so much. She does a 3 minute weight, 2 minute cardio, 1 minute abs circuit, and repeats that three times (for a total of 18 minutes, for all of you math phobes like me!) The warm up and cool down weren't very in depth, at least that's what was my first impression was. I shrugged it off, and hopped into the shower.

24 hours later....

I was in agony.

Complete agony.

I couldn't stand.

I couldn't walk.

I couldn't sit up without a chair back.

I couldn't lift the remote!!

What had she done to me?!?

The aches and pains continued for the next 24 hours, and I was sick to my stomach too! My arms and legs would shake if I tried even the simplest of tasks. It was ridiculous!

Finally, I headed out to Publix to make sure we had all of our Easter lunch supplies, and what a hoot I must have looked like! Putting all of my weight on the cart, actually letting the bag boy take my bags out ( I never do!)

The final straw came when I pulled back up to our building, popped open the trunk and just stared.

And stared.

"there are the bags."

"and over there are the stairs."

"you have to take the bags UP the stairs before you can get into your apartment."

"Nope. No way. I will just crawl up the stairs and leave our Easter ham in the car to roast for the next five hours in the Florida sun. That way, it will already be ready for Sunday! Great idea."

Then, SHE came.

You know the type.

Running shorts, with a tank bra, long hair pulled up into a perfect pony tail (how DO people do that?!)

Grrr. She just sprinted over from the gym in our complex.

I'm sure a look of disgust crossed my face.

After all, I don't want to sprint! I just want to get to my couch!

Of course, she'd have to make me feel really guilty by offering to help me carry up my groceries, because, "she hates to make two trips up the stairs too!"

"Oh yeah!" I say, "I just hate making multiple trips!"

So I grab my bags, lock the car, and faux SPRINT up the stairs behind her.

Because, if I limp right now, it's very possible my ego might get hurt.

I made it, with only a few invisible tears and unheard whimpers, I swear!!


That happens to be the first time I have met a neighbor too.

We've lived here for 11 months.

That's sad.


To whom is concerned:

It has now been four days and I am eyeing that dvd again. I think I will tackle it again tomorrow.

At least I will have an interesting "cooking easter lunch for 12 people" story for you, if I'm shaking like a leaf!


Anonymous said...

Ohhh jeez I've heard about this DVD. Your story about shopping, and the heavy bags, and the stairs had me rolling! I've lived through that many a times before! :P

Marsha C said...

I will never again complain about the 7 steps up to my bonus room. This was hilarious to read. Thanks for the laugh. Not that I'm laughing at you but with you. Love ya baby girl.

Callie said...

This made me laugh because Iknow exactly what you are talking about! I have a workout DVD that does the same thing to me. And I haven't done it in a week, but I should today. I'll probably be sore tomorrow!

Emily said...

Great one, Britt!! I'm laughing with you because you didn't see how I moved after cardio kickboxing the first time. Let's remember ...I'm the mother of one demanding and merciless, Zachary and 3 concerned little girls! The girls saw I was slower than didn't occur to Zachy...who made me run after him...when the only place I wanted to run to was bed!! Hang in gets easier if you may be wise to slow up your pace for your body! Love ya!!

Jessica said...

I've been thinking about ordering this DVD on Amazon for awhile now. It sounds like it will kick my butt! lol..

Have a great Easter, and good luck with your dinner :-)

Kaylyn said...

Hilarious! You are brave for even trying a Jillian Michael's DVD! Scary!! I know those kind of girls too, I ,too, often wonder how they do that! :)