Friday, May 1, 2009

10 Things I Love About....


May really is the beginning of summer to me. Though here in Florida, it really begins to heat up in March, I try to lump February/March/April together to achieve some semblance of a 'spring.'

I am a Florida girl, through and through, and though I may be moving all over the country/world, I will always call Florida my home!

So, without further ado, here is my list of

10 Things I Love About Summertime:

1. The Beach

This pretty much goes without saying, but I will say it, just in case you didn't know! In Florida, as a peninsula we are surrounded by beaches. The West Coast is nice for wading in and relaxing on beautiful sand beaches, while the East Coast is all about the waves and activity. I am much more of an East Coast girl, and have had my stint with surfing and what not. I had a shark scare a couple of years back and am a little more cautious about the ocean now though.

We don't swim in the lakes here. You know, because of the alligators/water moccassins/deadly amoebas swimming about. But I did as a child. Weird, I know.

2. Flip Flops

Ah, flip flops. We pretty much call anything without a toe and a back a "sandal," and I don't know too many southerners who would call it a "thong," without wanting to provoke a smile. I loved the "Reef," variety back in my high school/early college years, but have moved on to something a little more sophisticated, and, albeit, blingy, nowaday.

They are worn from March to December.

3. Movies

For whatever reason, all of the wonderfully fantastic movies come out during the summer! I am super excited about Wolverine, Harry Potter, several chick flicks, and am trying to learn to stomach that "Star Trek," one, because, let's face it, I married a Trekkie.

4. Barbecues

There is nothing like a barbecue cooking, country music blaring, croquet/volleyball playing kind of evening. It just seems so magical. Except when you tell me to turn on the grill and I about have a panic attack. The one time I tried to help my sister turn on a grill, there was some sort of small explosion under the lid. I don't ever want to attempt it again!

5. Late night walks

Ian's neighborhood (the one we are moving into in a month,) is great for taking late night walks. There is a playground where you can sit on the swings and talk, a gazebo for more sitting and talking, and a dock out onto the lake for more sitting and talking under the stars. Plus, it's good exercise to burn off all of that food you just consumed at the barbecue!

6. Tans

Now, I am not all about going out and getting a tan on purpose, and within the last year, I have become very concerned about how my skin is treated when out in the sun, but MAN, do I love being tan! I tan pretty easily thanks to my native american heritage, and can look almost brown after a long summer, but I do take much more care of using SPF lotion on a more daily basis, and I never EVER do the beach thing without SPF. I just like how that tan/pink gives you a little bit of a glow, it makes you look healthy! (even though I know it's not!)

7. Slurpees

This has been a post beach treat since I was able to drive, and man are they delicious! I am really more of a plain cherry kind of girl, and am not too fond of mixing it all together. I will sometimes layer cherry with coke, and MAYBE another flavor, but I wouldn't stir it all up. My friend Rachel loves to put a bunch in and stir it all about!

8. The 4th of July

Nothing says "Hey, I'm American," like the fact that you celebrate Independence Day! Barbecues, watermelon, apple pie, outside games, swimming, sparklers, and fireworks, all make for an eventful, tiring, and happy occassion!

9. Summertime music

Oh just you wait. Coming soon to Witheagerhands will be my own Summertime Music Recommendation list! You have to have "summer," music, and should definitely not confuse it with spring/fall music. Sheesh, people!

10. Hurricanes

All right, all right, before you go all postal on me, let me explain. No, I do not like the actual Hurricane. And no, I do not like the fear it causes in people. And NO, I do not like the damage it causes to people and the way it tears people's lives apart.

But you know what? I love how it brings people together. Whole communities work together to put their town back together, neighbor helping neighbor. And for those who aren't directly effected by the ravages of a hurricane, but are within the path of danger, literally DAYS are spent indoors together. It really is a family bonding time. My senior year of high school, four hurricanes hit within a month, and we missed so much school, but we spent SO much time with our parents and siblings (and my friend Jane who spent most of the time with us!) It was just a time of growth and unity.

That's it for now! I have a whole list of "10 things," posts, coming up soon. Keep your eyes peeled. (wow, that's a weird saying.)


Marsha C said...

I loved this post. It brought back so many great memories. I miss you my little Brit.

Callie said...

Wow, that list makes me want summer more! It doesn't really get started until June around here.

Unknown said...

It has started to warm up in the UK now and I love it!!! xxx.

Anonymous said...

AMEN on the flip flops! Yeah!!!!!!!