Thursday, May 7, 2009

Orange Fluff

I just wanted to say "Thank you," to my grandma, who sent me a lovely package last week.

It was quite a surprise, and inside of it, was a recipe I had asked for, and a package of pearl tapioca!

Which was good, because I had already begun my hunt for the elusive pearl tapioca to no avail. I couldn't find it anywhere! Grandma told me it was hard to find, and that she had people up north find it for her! I should have listened.

The recipe was for a yummy dessert called Amish Salad, which is an orange jello dessert with pinapples, mandarin oranges, tapioca and cream- a perfect summer treat!

I feel like this is a family recipe now, because my great aunt made it for her family, then had her sister (my grandma,) make it for her husband's funeral reception, and now grandma passed it on to me!

I have to tell you, I thought the name was pretty funny. Its official name is Amish Salad, but all of my great aunt's family refer to it as "orange fluff," because, well, that's what it looks like! Apparently though, there is a totally different recipe for 'orange fluff' and she gets flustered when people call it by the wrong name.

The recipe for "Amish Salad," is below.

2- 8oz cans mandarin oranges
1- 20oz can pineapple tidbits
1/2 cup small pearl tapioca (do not use minute tapioca)
1 cup sugar
1 large package orange jello (6oz size)
1 pint whipping cream whipped

Drain juice from mandarin oranges and pineapple and add water to drained juices to make 7 cups liquid.

Bring juice and water to a boil.

Add 1/2 cup small pearl tapioca and cook 10 minutes, stirring constantly.

Remove from heat and cool for 10 minutes

Add 1 cup sugar and 1 package orange jello, stirring until dissolved.

Chill until syrupy.

Add fruit and stir occasionally as it thickens.

Fold in 1 pint of whipped whipping cream before it completely sets up.

This recipe will fill a 9x13 size cake pan.


What a great treat on a hot, sticky, summer afternoon!

I plan on making my first batch when we get back from our trip in a week! (let me know if you are able to find the tapioca!)

Thanks again, Grandma!

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katie said...

mmm sounds delicious! I'm going to have to try this sometime this summer. I might introduce it as: Amish "orange fluff" salad! :)