Monday, May 25, 2009


Tonight, I am feeling burdened.

Heart wrenching, tear inducing, drop to your knees kind of burdened.

Tonight was the season opener for Jon and Kate +8, Season 5, a favorite around the Galloway household. They were semi transparent about what is going on between each other, what is going on with each individual, and where they think their marriage is heading. They were vague enough where I couldn't state here "oh, they are headed for divorce," so I won't, because that would be libel (slander in the verbal, libel in the written, fyi.)

But, all the same, I came away from the show just feeling broken for this family. Mainly for the adults, because it is so clear that there is a wrestling match between them, their marriage, and the devil. It made me think of an incident that happened a few weeks ago....

I was cooking bacon for our dinner (what?! so we are pork people, chill out! we had waffles too.) and I was standing over the stove, diligently watching those little guys fry and shrivel up, all the while dodging flying bits of grease. I would look up occasionally as I talked to Ian, who was in the office, but I didn't notice anything out of place.

Ian walked out of the office and asked me if he needed to open the sliding glass door, and I looked up at him, bewildered. Why would I need the sliding glass door open, I asked. Because it's so smoky in here, he told me!

I brushed him off as just being silly, and asked him to watch the bacon while I used the rest room. When I stepped out and could see the kitchen, a thick fog of smoke hung over our kitchen and part of our living room.

Somehow, I couldn't see the smoke while I was in it. Surrounded.

I needed some perspective in order to see the impending disaster (our smoke detector is usually very touchy.)

Just like my little cooking incident, I see Jon and Kate as amongst the smoke. They are in the kitchen, dealing with what they think are the issues. I fell on me knees tonight and prayed that God would let them step outside of that smokey room.

That God would give them perspective.
And Love.

And right there, on our little bathroom rug, I committed myself to praying every night for the next week for this Oh So influential family.

So, Prayer warriors, as you read this, before you click to open your next tab, or before you browse on to your next blog, I am asking you to spend five minutes in prayer for the Gosselin's.

And remember, do it out of selfless love, instead of selfish judgement (that's what I struggle with.)

Need some ideas? Here are some specific things to pray for regarding this situation:
  • Pray that God will intervene in the hearts of that family
  • Pray that God will hold the tongues of those wishing to speak harsh words
  • Pray that God will remove temptations
  • Pray that God will draw them closer to them
  • Pray that God will remind them that marriage is a forever commitment, and that since no infidelity or abuse has occurred, they need to remain steadfast in it.
  • Pray that God will bring into their life encouragers. Wise people who will discourage unwise and rash decisions.
  • Pray that God will give them strength to weather out this terrible storm.
  • Pray that God will give them a mutual direction in life, instead of two separate paths.
  • Pray that God will point out each other's love language, and that they will begin to lavish it on each other.

I am so burdened by this, and I hope that you will take a few minutes of your day to pray for this family that has influenced and blessed so many lives.

I know that there is alot more specifics that we can pray for, so if you would like to add your personal prayer request on this, please add it in the comments section.

Please keep it positive! (I will monitor and remove anything that is inappropriate.)

Thank you to all for listening to me ramble on this.


Jessica said...

Oh my goodness, I was heartbroken for that family last night while I watched the show! I ended up crying at the end. I totally agree with you that they are amongst the smoke. Luke and I were just talking about it last night, that they aren't seeing things through a clear perspective right now.

Anyway, I think I will join you in praying for the family every day this week. I already spent my morning shower praying for them before I even read your post, because I'm just so sad for them, and can't stop thinking about them this morning as I'm getting ready for work

Anonymous said...

I love this show as well. I just felt so so so sad watching it last night. I love your smoke analogy, so so so true!

I will definitely join in praying with you for this family!

Kristin said...

I feel so bad for them as well. I didn't know what to think after I watched the show. I'll join you in praying. I think that's what they need the most right now.

Marsha C said...

My heart breaks for them also. I will commit to praying for them also. I am also praying for the protection of the children in that they remain guarded from hearing any of the comments that may cause them deep emotional pain. Also that through all of this God can receive the glory in the end.

Callie said...

I didn't watch last night's show, but from previous shows I've always been a little worried about them. Thanks for the reminder to pray for them - it's funny how it's so easy to forget that we can make a difference that way!

Kelley said...

It was so awkward watching the show and being unable to help them. To watch their family fall apart. Thank you for reminding me that all we can do as viewers is pray for their family. their marriage, their children.