Friday, May 29, 2009


I may, or may not be, (but definitely am,) hiding behind boxes, reading my blog, while hubby slaves away in the other room.

I can't believe we will be moved out in less than 24 hours! I am in complete and utter shock.

You would be too, if you saw what our home looked like right now.

There are just piles of stuff EVERYWHERE!

I finally gave up trying to sort through all of those little knick knacks and just shoved them all in a box and wrot eon our custom's list 30 different titles for junk.

I love a thesaurus.

And now, people are coming to pick up their items that they are buying off of us.

Like chairs.
And a tv.
And a vaccuum cleaner (that doesn't work! my bad.)
And our lamps.

Too bad our house doesn't have lights built in. Going to be a long night, painting in the dark and all.

I'll try to post pictures of our new "living space." aka, Ian's childhood bedroom, and the one drawer in the bathroom that I am going to pirate away from his little brother Andrew.

Did I not mention that we will be living on the same side of the house as Andrew?

Oh. Joy.


Unknown said...

Hope the move goes well and yeah you nab that drawer! xo.

Kelley said...

best of luck with the move. i can never decide what i hate more packing or unpacking!