Monday, June 1, 2009

I've Got A Wrench In My Purse


And a TV Remote.
And a bunch of refridgerator magnets.
And a bag of screws.
And 3 wedding pictures.
And my husband's car title.

I might have put any and all important things in my purse so that I could find them post move.

And I may have forgotten I put them all there, and in a panic, tore apart our room looking for the screws.

Then, I may have just found the assortment of goodies in my purse.


**Move Update**
We are all settled into our new room at Ian's parents house, and are working on figuring out our roles. Ian is obviously right at home, because, well, it was his home! Me, I'm just getting used to a whole new family and how they run things, which is turning out to be very taxing.

We arrived in Orlando 20 minutes after our storage facility closed (darn it!) and had to unload everything into his parent's garage. Ian and his friend Tim will be moving things piece by piece with Tim's truck.

Pictures to come of our new "crib."


Anonymous said...

A wrench in your purse?? That's pretty interesting...I think you beat me. I've had chickpeas in mine before! :D

Jessica said...

Good luck settling in with your husbands family! I'm sure it must be kind of different trying to figure out how everything will work there...being the introverted person that I am, I know it would take me awhile to adjust! But I hope everything goes smoothly and it starts feeling like home for you soon :-)

katie said...

Wow! What an excellent supply of random things you have in your purse! Things like that happen to me when I move too!

Good luck with the in-laws. I think that could be challenging, but how rewarding to know your husbands family in a way not many people do in these times. I think it was more common a long time ago. And... I'm sure they are thrilled to have you living there.

Callie said...

Ha, that sound slike something I would do - I'm always forgeting where I put things!

Anonymous said...

YOU'RE BACK! Have fun settling in with the in-laws, mi amiga, but I am so excited that you're back! Love you!

Marsha C said...

It's to bad you can't be on the old game show "Let's make a deal". You would win when they do the "what's in your purse game". Actually, your purse sounds a little like mine on a daily basis. I love you and pray you have a wonderful week.

Kristin said...

It could have been worse... you could have been looking for the screws then realized they were in your hand! ha! Totally something I would do!

Unknown said...

You topped it lol! I once had a kitcehn ladel in my purse before but not a wrench lol!

Happy to hear your're settled! xo.