Monday, June 15, 2009

The Morning After....

Let me paint you a picture...

The morning after our wedding, Ian and I get up, get showered and packed, and head out from our hotel to go to our honeymoon destination (the Florida Keys.)

We get into the elevator. Ian leans over and gives me a kiss. You can hear birds in the air, the soundtrack to this morning is just lovely.

The elevator reaches the bottom floor, the doors whoosh open, and we step out of the elevator into the lobby ....

(this is the part where the beautiful soundtracks comes to a literal screeching stop,)

and there, in the lobby, is my DAD.

For reals folks.

I about had a heart attack.

I thought to myself "He knows what we just did!"

And, wouldn't you know, it was Father's Day, so I couldn't NOT talk to my dad (as much as I just wanted to melt into the ground and disappear, I couldn't deny him his fatherly rights of a chat and a hug on his father's day! **especially since I left no present!**)

So we quickly chatted, and then Ian and I made a beeline for our car which the valet had pulled up. And wouldn't you know it, my dad walked us to our car!

I was full to the brim with that embarrassment stuff.

Then we drove off into the sun (it had already risen,) and told ourselves that one day we would be able to laugh about this.

I will clarify that he was there for a reason.

Ian's tux needed to be returned, and my dress needed to be taken home.

So my Dad, the willing chauffeur, had shown up to pick the stuff up from the concierge, where we had arranged for it to be left.

Only, he came too early, and we weren't gone yet.

So he thought it prudent to wait until we came out, instead of waiting, oh, I don't know, in his car!

I can't believe some people CHOOSE to see their parents the night after their wedding. That's just odd! (sorry if that was you)

(One year later, Ian and I can hesitantly chuckle over it, but we aren't quite to the point of laughing about it yet.)


Jessica said...

lol that WOULD be awkward. Luke's sister had a party the morning after the wedding after church. We ate leftovers from the reception and then watched them open gifts, and they left for their honeymoon the next day. I was just thinking the whole time, "This is so weird! There's no way I could face my whole family, all my in-laws, and the wedding party the morning after my wedding night!!" lol. Needless to say, we left for the honeymoon from our apartment early in the morning, when there was no possibility of running into anyone we know. I understand your embarrassment! lol

Callie said...

Ha, that is so funny! I love how you thought "He knows what we just did"! That's hilarious! I'm thoroughly amused. Don't worry, Friend, I'm sure the laughter will come.

Anonymous said...

Dad's always punctual - if not overly so. :)

LeAnna said...

Okay, this made me LOL! We saw my parents two nights after our wedding and it was awkward. Big time. My Mom said it took my Dad weeks to get over the whole thing. Of course we laugh about it now...

The Barker's said...

haha love it!!!! =) I would have been blotchy from head to toe with embarrassment!!!