Saturday, June 27, 2009

On My Own

For a night anyways. Yesterday, Ian and I drove up to Jacksonville, for our friend Ben's wedding. Ian is a groomsmen, and we booked a hotel before realizing that all of the groomsmen were spending the night with Ben.

So, rather unexpectedly, I spent the night, by myself! So strange! We had picked the hotel, because I knew it was in a safe area and was very new.

Here is a little narration of my night, on my own!

8:28 Check in at the front desk. Lady is very, very nice. I make sure to smile and not look nervous. This is, after all, my first night alone in a hotel.

8:30 Park the car. Grab small overnight bag, hanging dress, and purse, and confidently walk in to hotel and take the elevator to my room.

8:32 Walk into room, asa gush of cigarette smoke rushes over me. Have I mentioned that I am allergic to cigarette smoke? Turn around and walk right back out and down to the lobby to ask (politely,) for a new room.

8:33 As I am waiting for nice front desk lady to reassign me to a room, I have a dawning revelation that I have turned into my parents. (this was usual practice, growing up, because my mom is also allergic to cigarette smoke.)

Holy Guacamole!

8:35 Nice lady finishes room reassigning. I apologize again and again and she smiles and tells me that is "no problem," and that she has "upgraded me for the inconvenience."

8:36 I'm not really sure what "upgrade," at a Hampton Inn means, and I figure that just means I have 10 more sq feet or something. Walk into new room and....

Holy Guacamole!

I have a kitchenette!
And a couch!
And a real desk!
And a super nice bathroom!
AND two King size beds....all to myself!

I like this upgrade stuff.

8:40 Finish exploring upgraded room. Unpack suitcase which is only just my cosmetics and a laptop.

8:45 Sign into free internet and catch up on blogs. I am a speed reader when I forget to comment (sorry!)

8:55 Change out of rehearsal dinner clothes

8:56 Explore kitchenette. Try to decide if that bag of microwave popcorn is pro bono or per diam. Hmmmm.

8:57 Go get ice from the ice machine. There is something very exciting about ice from the ice machine. I have many a wonderful memories of Heather and I skipping off gleefully to get our ice.

8:59 Double check to make sure I am locked in. Pull out Ian's groomsmen gift he had just received (erm, a Smith and Wesson knife) and leave it on the end table...just in case.

9:00 Find a melted cookies n creme chocolate bar in my purse. Score!

9:01 Set up lap desk and laptop so I can write this post.

9:02 Stare at TV Guide channel for 4 minutes, it's a special on Michael Jackson.

9:06 Flip the channel to Wife Swap, I like this show!

10:00 Proclaim "yay!" when I realize another episode of Wife Swap is on

10:00:30 Proclaim "boo!" when I realize it is an episode that I have seen.

10:02 Get sucked into HGTV show about picking a house.

11:00 Get up to brush teeth and wash face.

11:00:15 Realize I left almost all of my cosmetics either A.) on our bathroom counter in Orlando, of B.) in Ian's bag that he took with him to Ben's. (drat.)

11:02 Do some internet research, discover a 24 hour W@l-Mart is one mile away

11:15 Get re outfitted and call hubby to let him know I am heading out.

11:25 Arrive at the big W. Am a little nervous. There are some strange people at this store at 11:25

11:31 Am convinced I am being followed by man in a pony and weave in aisles.

11:32 Phew, I lost him! Maybe he wasn't following me.

11:45 Acquired mousse (an essential,) shampoo, a comb, and toothpaste. And, People magazine. What? So sue me.

11:50 Check out and head back to the hotel.

11:55 Unload and snuggle into bed to watch more HGTV and to read half of my magazine. (only half, because I want to have something to read tomorrow, pre wedding.)

12:33 Decide to finally turn in for the night. I love hotel beds- they are so soft! I am looking for the continental breakfast in the morning.

Bring on the Waffles!


Anonymous said...

Haha, loved your hotel post. The part where you left the knife out "just in case" is so something I would do, well if I had a knife. Good story!

Kristin said...

You are brave for going to WalMart at night! I get creeped out when I go to WalMart at night in my own town! Lots of questionable people!

Have fun at the wedding!

katie said...

Sounds like an enjoyable evening! I hope you all have a wonderful time at the wedding!

Jessica said...

Sounds like fun! I also love Wifeswap :-)

Callie said...

Ha, fun! Sounds like fun, I've never stayed in a hotel room by myself either!

Erin said...

Hope that breakfast was good!

Marsha C said...

You are my daughter. HGTV!!!!