Sunday, June 7, 2009

When in Rome...

Do as the Romans do?


I'm adjusting to life at the in-laws pretty well, I think.

You know, except for the fact that Ian and I just figured out that they have television! Seriously, we spent the last week not even bothering turning on the tv, and going to our friend's house to watch the NBA playoffs because they told us they got rid of their satellite.

Then, on Saturday, his mom and I were cooking dinner and she flipped on Animal Planet.

My jaw dropped and I asked how she did that!

She told me she pressed "on."

Hardy har har.

Apparently they just downgraded to a basic satellite package, which still means I must bother neighbors in order to see the TLC shows I love!

I think I am doing well with his parents and younger brother, though Andrew and I tend to amicably butt heads on a regular basis.

Ian and I are doing a good job at helping around the house and not just being leeches, which makes me feel alot better about this whole situation. Cleaning our bathroom, cooking, running errands, and cleaning the kitchen are some of the tasks we have found so far. I'm sure there will be more once everyone feels more settled.

I'm not doing so great with the dogs however. They have two small daschunds, about two/two and a half years old, and the boy one (D'Artagnon, Dart for short, who is named after a character from the Three Musketeers,) is not house trained! They are both "pad" trained, which is just a crock for not walking your dogs, and I think it is absolutely disgusting!

I about lost it tonight when Dart came into our room to say hello, stretched up his front paws onto our bed, and when I said "No." he proceeded to dribble all over our floor and our bedskirt. I was M-A-D. And the puppies are banned from our living space now.

I'm getting used to another aspect as well. The part where I've been gone for a year and all of my dearest and closest friends have gone and grown up and got their own lives. Not that it's bad, I just have to get used to different dynamics, and not expect things to be a certain way.

That's all for now. I'll keep you updated throughout the summer, and keep us in your prayers as we enter into week 2 of 12 of living with the in-laws.


Emily said...

Oh, Britt! You are always welcome to watch TLC at our house. Although for the next 2 weeks - we'll be out of commission TV wise. Hang in there!

Hannah said...

Hang in there! I've always thought it would be difficult to live with parents or in-laws once your married. You can do it though!!!

Lindsey said...

Hang in there friend, you can do it!

McMommy said...

Living with the In-Laws....that should be the next reality on TLC!!!
I would watch it! :)

Hope your remaining 10 weeks go by smoothly!

jlc said...

hahah that response is something exactlyyyy my mom would say.

hang in there! in the meantime... netflix??