Thursday, July 16, 2009


a Bear that is.

Tonight was Clara's 6th birthday party! Ian and I tagged along because the birthday girl herself asked us to make an appearance (though I really think she just wanted some more loot and not a pair of grown ups at her party. haha)

They had the party at Build A Bear and all of the girls had a great time (and Zachy too!)

Ian and I had just gotten back from a day trip to the beach, so we were pretty wiped out/starving, so our game plan was to watch her open presents and take pictures.

Well the picture idea was pretty much nixed. I totally forgot how little kids crowd around the birthday child while opening presents! When I was little, I couldn't handle that. I remember it having to be orderly and everyone out of my space/area or I would have a melt down. I probably still would today!

We did get one cute pictures of the birthday girl and us! Clara lovingly refers to Mr. Ian as 'the man in the yellow shorts,' (from the first time they met him 2 years ago!) or Young Master Ian, which I have yet to figure out if that comes from Star Wars or Ian's southern roots, haha.
Happy 6th Birthday sweet girl! You are loved so much by us!


katie said...

The Build-A-Bear Workshop sounds like a fun birthday party (theme and location)!

Happy Birthday Clara!

And her names for your husband are very sweet.

Callie said...

Aw, cute picture!