Friday, July 17, 2009

Where We Are

I took these pictures the first week of June, right after we moved in with my in-laws with the summer! However, with my computer's monumental power shortage, I had not quite figured out a way to get them onto a computer, so, now that I have.....

Bring on the pictures!

The view from the door into our room...

Our window and my mini desk, complete with broken laptop, pens, and summer reading collection. Oh yes, and our make shift trash box on the right.

An Armour (which also happens to be a very hard word to say.)
Ian's summer reading collection, a wooden boat to cove the dorkiest of books, and his bowl, snatched from the kitchen to hold his keys/wallet/receipts/ etc.
The dresser. I haven't had a dresser in almost ten years, so this is quite the treat. Only, I only have one drawer. And it's the bottom one. Sad.

More summer reading books. Those pretty blue ones we ordered at a steal of a price for 19.99!
Found an old frame in his parents' closet. Had a cute wedding picture. Instantly personalize our room! Also, my pretty blue bowl for my keys/chap-sticks/hair ties.
In between the dresser and the armoire, in the corner of the room, might just be my best discover yet....2 laundry baskets. One for darks, the other for lights. No sorting come laundry time! It's amazing.

Our bed and nightstand, with a starbucks shaken lemonade (an arnold palmer,) and my favorite Aveeno lotion that I use before bed.Inside the armoire....our tv, wii, board games, dusting supplies (for some reason the whole room gets a thick layer of dust in 4 days flat,) and collection of "hurricane" candles, aka candles I didn't want to throw away in the move.

Our closet. Ian gets the top middle bar and I get all the rest. haha.

Our sink area. We share the bathroom with Ian's younger bedroom so we are grateful for a double sink!

Not in our room, but in the front office, my favorite reading area! The chair is blissfully comfortable and the lighting is always so nice. The madonna and baby picture freaks me out, but I am getting used to it!


Anonymous said...

Don't you hate when computer die. Seriously, they do it at the worst times. Happy weekend!

katie said...

I use Aveeno lotion before bed too!

The room looks like it is working out and you have done a great job utilizing the space... and that chair for reading looks like *just the right spot!* Thank you for sharing you living quarters with us!

Unknown said...

I think it looks really quaint and you have made the best of space =) xxx