Friday, July 3, 2009

The Day Before...

The Fourth of July!

Today was a pretty eventful day, for Ian and I.

We were woken up early by my mother in law askin my brother in law why he had slept through his dentist appointment.

So, you know, Score!

But then it got better, as we headed to our favorite beach nearby for some good old fashioned fun in the sun. Cocoa Beach (home of the famous Ron Jon Surfshop) is the nearest beach for us Central Floridians, at about a 45 minute drive. The beach is clean, and can not be driven on, which makes it a real beach experience, instead of a party experience.

If I want to drive on some sand, I'd do that somewhere else. I promise you. But not on a beach. That's just strange.

Anyways. We spent 3-4 hours at the beach, and I only got minorly burnt. By tomorrow morning, I bet it will be mostly cleared up. I am trying to avoid burning, but with a UV index of 10, as it was today, there is only so much lather and reapplying a girl can do!

We stopped off for a traditional slurpee, and I got a caffeine free one (who knew?!) because my poor hubby can't have caffeine because he'll get migraines. I also got him a Diet Caffeine Free Coke, or DCFC as we refer to it, because that's how we roll.

A post beach shower and clean up, and off to babysitting for the night! I got them fed, and only flipped one plate of spaghetti into my lap (um, white pants,) while cleaning up. If you didn't know this before, dish washing soap is wonderful for getting out hard stains on clothes if applied right away. For Serious.

Then, we started playing the Brittney made game of "Monster," which is a hybrid mix of hide and go seek, and freeze tag, with an "it," or monster, tagging people and sending them to "jail," where they can only be released when someone not it tags them! The round is over when the monster has tagged and sent to jail all of the other players, or when they are too frustrated/tired. LOL. It happens.

Ian came by to see the kiddos (don't worry, the Vargas' are cool with that!) and Zachy was in heaven, because Mr. Ian is a god to him, because of the Galloway's vast amount of saved GI Joes. Boys and their toys.

We got Ian to play Monster with us for awhile, then I put down Zachy and Ian read him his transformers book. Next down was Clara, with a quick mini tutoring lesson in bed (ha! we will see progress, you'll see!) and Scrabble with the older girls, before Ian left.

I snuck in a quick Latin lesson and sent them off to bed with their head lamps to do their Latin homework, haha, as I cleaned up our dinner dishes and watched an episode of Clean Sweep.

Now I am home, and am about to snuggle into bed and watch one episode of 24.

One, I tell you! One!

(we all know I will be suckered into a second episode, don't we?)

And I am looking forward to tomorrow, though I don't really know what it will bring. I do, however, know that I am baking a Blueberry Muffin Cake with a Lemon Glaze (yum!) so there is always that to anticipate!

I hope ya'll have a wonderful 4th of July, spent remembering where our country came from, what it's founding purpose was, and Who our country should be focusing on!

God Bless!


Anonymous said...

Hahah I love that you have blueberry muffin cake to look forward to. I am thinking I should bake that too! Sorry about the spaghetti in the lap, but it sounds like the kids were really good. Happy 4th!

Callie said...

SOunds like an interesting day! Hope you have a great Fourth of July!