Monday, July 13, 2009


This week is pretty packed for me. And by packed, I mean I have more than 2 things to do in an entire week, which thrills me.

Monday (which is today,) includes a giant family trip to the Universal theme parks. My in-laws' year pass expires in a week, so they wanted to get in one more trip in with Ian, myself, and Ian's brother, Andrew.

I'm pretty excited to go with the family, but things have been pretty tense with the brother in law lately (for everybody, not just me,) so I'm a little nervous about that. Sometimes he just likes to sleep, so maybe he'll sleep in and not come. Is that bad, that I think that is a good solution to avoiding a stressful encounter? Hmmm.

I'm taking my camera with me in an attempt to jump start my love affair with my camera again. It'll probably won't be until Christmas when I get a new one, so I need to "love the one I am with," for now.

Outfits are carefully formulated for a day in the park. I wanted to wear one of my Loft sundresses, so that I would be kept cool, but I knew that my legs would be chaffing like crazy, so I figured out a pair of bike shorts could be worn under them without any noticeable differences! Also, I have learned from my last trip and will not be wearing my pretty tan and silver sandals, and will be wearing my (clunkier and chunkier,) Reefs, because they are amazingly comfortable and don't friction* me as much.

*I am not entirely sure friction is a verb, but I couldn't figure out the appropriate one, so, oh well.

Tuesday includes tutoring for the Vargas, and that's about it. lol. I'm trying to set up breakfast/coffee with some people this week, so that may be on the agenda.

Tutoring is going great, thank you for asking. The Latin part is difficult because, I, um, don't know Latin, so it requires alot of prep time on my part to make sure I understand the pronunciation of everything. The girls' reading is improving too, and I will be assessing their reading level this week to see exactly where we are.

Wednesday is a day of girl shenanigans. Breakfast and shopping with Mrs. Angela to start the day off! (window shopping that is.....our bank account has quickly dwindled to nothing and that nothing must last for another two months!) Our weekly girl's night will be, um, somewhere. We've turned into quite the planning procrastinators lately, but that is alright, because we all know girls' night WILL be held, we just don't know where and what we'll be eating, lol.

Thursday is beach day! Wahoo! I am very/semi excited. What? It comes in waves. We'll have to leave around 2 ish (which is perfectly fine, because you are usually right on the edge of severe sunburn at that point,) because Clara Vargas is having a birthday party! She asked me and "young master Ian," to make an appearance at her party, but told us not to mess with her during the actual party activity. Apparently that means "just bring me a present at gift time and I'll share my cake with you." We will gladly oblige.

Friday is more tutoring, which got pushed back from Thursday because of said birthday party.

And, in case you were wondering, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince comes out this week, and I am very excited about that.


Anonymous said...

Wow, your week does sound packed! I am so stoked for Harry Potter too! Sounds like you have planned the perfect amusement park outfit!

Jessica said...

I'm so jealous that you live so close to Universal! I'm trying to convince my hubby that we need to take a trip there and to Disney world sometime soon, just because he's never been, and I want him to experience them with and without children.

P.S. I'm so excited about Harry Potter! I think I'm too old to stay up and watch it at midnight on Tuesday. But I'm going to the first showing on Wednesday morning with my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law :-D

Kelley said...

have so much fun!

Love is the Movement said...

You know, since Latin is not a spoken language, its not super imperative that they learn how to pronounce the words correctly. Its more important that they learn to recognize the meanings of the words and how they relate to the roots, prefixes, suffixes, etc of the Latin-based languages. That will take them very far in life.

Callie said...

Sounds like a busy week! Have fun!