Friday, August 21, 2009

The 300th!

This is my 300th post, and I am very proud to say 200 out of those 300 posts have been written THIS year! (2009 for those of you who are perpetually confused over the date.)

As a mish-mash post, I'd like to inform you on what our day was like yesterday.

Two days ago, Ian got a call from a company that he had applied with. Ian was out for a jog, so I answered the phone and tried to get the company name, or, you know, which state she was calling from, but, alas, she was a vault. So, I checked my incoming calls, found her area code, and looked it up. And wouldn't you know, she was calling from Louisville, KY.

Ian called her back after her lunch break, and set up an interview for the following day. He was also able to get the name of the company from her (come on people, the man has filled out almost 200 applications....give a guy a break!) but we couldn't find anything out about the company online. We mapped out our 2 1/2 hour trip from Nashville to Louisville, and planned to leave sometime between 10 and 11 to make his 2:15 interview.

I woke up yesterday (Thursday,) morning, with a terrible feeling in my stomach and was very stressed. I went about my morning, showering, ironing Ian's clothes, checking emails and online classes, and was finishing up when it dawned on me....

Time zones.

Did you know that Nashville is in the Central Time Zone? And, it came to me that maybe, just maybe, Louisville was NOT in the Central Time Zone.

Ian looked it up.

It wasn't.

It was in Eastern.

Darn it.

We ran to the car and left in such a hubub.

I was stressed near tears while we started our journey at about 11 (Louisville time.) And wouldn't you know it? It POURED for the first hour of our drive.

We made it in time however, and Ian thought the interview went well, though he isn't holding his breath, because the guy is looking for someone very permanent (like, for a decade.)

We went and explored Southern Seminary, and bumped into our Sunday School teacher from Gainesville! Hi, Todd!

We also snuck by my (now) professor's office, and debated on whether we should introduce ourselves. I decided that was weird, since it is online and all.

Then, we hit the road.

I was hoping on having this really fun day in KY, exploring the city, maybe looking at some apartments, but it didn't turn out to be that great. Not the city. Louisville is beautiful! But our stress levels are so high we just weren't in the mood to kick back and sight see.

Please be in prayer that some sort of work opportunity will present itself. Thanks!


Callie said...

I'll be praying for some work for you guys. I know job hunting is stressful!

Unknown said...

Awww no = O wouldn't even think to check time zones. Good job you did. I hope he has success after that stress =) x

Jessica said...

Praying that you will find peace. I know it's such a stressful situation! Also praying for work for you guys. Keep us posted!