Friday, August 28, 2009

Up and Running

Bound to Books (version 2.0) is up and officially running.

Not that is was over down, per say.

I just hadn't added a blog post since the vote came in saying that we were going to use Bound to Books for a hybrid book review/book club site!

Some new additions to Bound to Books include....

A brand new blog design, compliments of Simply Fabulous Blog Designs!

The Follower Link- so add yourself, and become a fellow book nerd! (on the right)

The Book Club Billboard- an update on our current Book Club book. We'll be reading one book every 3-4 months, so that it is more manageable.

Previously Reviewed Books- a gadget that will have a link list of all of the books that are reviewed.

Book Reviewers- Eventually, when I get some of YOU to review books, there will be a list of the reviewers, so that your blog will be linked to from Bound to Books!

AND, I am looking into getting a button designed, so if you do a book review for Bound to Books, you could receive a blog award!

Anyone wanting to do a book review?

1 comment:

Callie said...

How fun! Sign me up! I'm going to follow the blog. :-)