Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We Made It!

We are safe and sound in my folks home up in Lebanon, TN.

I am currently sitting in the upstairs loft/family room, looking out the window to the rolling green hills and beautiful trees (and also that pressure washer guy sho really just looks like he is shooting his water straight up in the sky. Weird.)

The 11 hour drive was rather uneventful. I listened to some great music and yelled at myself to stay awake, but who doesn't do that? My eyes started bothering me about 3 hours into the drive, and they constantly hurt and watered, which made seeing the road rather difficult. But I persevered and made it all in one piece! Also, we only stopped 2.5 time! The half time was when we went through a drive through to get me some caffeine, so we didn't really get to "stop," then.

We arrived last night around 7, received the grand tour of the place (I have been here, but Ian hasn't!) and ate dinner with my family. My dad and Ian lugged in all of our stuff from our packed cars, and I got to work unpacking and making it "home." I really just got our clothes out of the suitcases and into the drawers/closet.

I am very excited to see my puppy, Brandy. She is not really a puppy, I suppose, since she is almost 12 years old! We got her in the middle of my 6th grade year. I really needed a friend then (had just started public school in a new town, and my best friend moved to AZ in December!) and so Brandy was the perfect companion during that time of despair. She is old now, which surprised me, but hopefully I will be able to help get her a little healthier with more walks and attention!

That's all for now! Ian has set up a mini office in the loft, and I think I will go ride my dad's lawn mower around their property!


Kaylyn said...

so happy the trip went well! I want to come visit TN, maybe we will be by Lebanon sometime soon! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you arrived safe and sound, mi amiga! I'm sure Brandy is quite happy to see you!

Jessica said...

Glad you guys made it! It probably feels good to have that long drive behind you.