Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Where We Are

We are settling in nicely, yes, we are! I am especially enjoying my time with my puppy, and have been walking her, cuddling, and grooming her. Her coat already looks a ton better, but it will take awhile, I suppose to get it back to normal.

Our bedroom is working out well for us, though it is a little smaller than the last room we were in, so we can't really have all of our books/tv/wii in there with us for privacy, but it's alright becaus we have the huge loft upstairs to spread out in and make ourselves at home. (sorry for the run on sentence!)

My parents just got a new living room set that is just beautiful! I can't wait until fall comes, when the air is crisp and we can turn on the fireplace and snuggle on the leather couches!

I have alot to catch up on, blogging wise, so expect quite a few posts in the next few days.


steve said...

Glad to hear your settled in. I'm sure Mom and Dad are happy to have you two.
It was so good to to visit with you and also great to get to know Ian a little better. Thanks so much for coming. You are so special,and know that we love you bunches!
The Pirate!

katie said...

I think your puppy is so cute!

Looking forward to reading the new posts the next few days!

Unknown said...

Please may I walk Brandy sometime?! lol.

Emily said...

Wow! Ya'll have accomplished a ton in a week!! I haven't been near the blogs until today! So glad that your travels went well and that you are going to start grad school!! God's taking you on a little detour, but He has the plan to begin with. Can't wait to hear about your adventures! Send our love to your folks and Ian! The Vargas Clan misses you and loves you very much!

Callie said...

I didn't realize you had a dog for some reason! She is so cute! I love dogs.