Thursday, August 13, 2009

Country Life

That's me, in case you can't tell.

On our first day here, I got to take a spin out on the old "tractor."
And by old, I mean 3 months old!
It turned out to be alot of fun, except for the large amounts of flying bugs I kept driving through. Seriously! Florida may have unusual animals and bugs, but really the only flying things you need to be aware of are mosquitoes and lovebugs. Here in Tennessee, I kept driving through a swarm of unidentifiable flies and gnats!


Kyle Scharf said...

wow... do your parents own the whole country??

katie said...

That looks beautiful! We don't have too many flying bugs where I live, but every now and then I'll catch one in my mouth and then I look pretty funny trying to spit it out. :)

Jessica said...

Wow, so much open land!! My dream someday would be to live in the middle of nowhere. With land as far as the eye could see :-)

Anonymous said...

Augh, I miss you! I want to be there too! And Brandy looks great, keep it up! :) See you in a few weeks D. Tell Ian to save a Big Brain round for me.

Kelley said...

i love how big your yard is! living in the southwest for so long, i've forgotten what grass looks like (jk), but it is definitely not as common as in the south!