Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blogging Book Goal- Book #24

I haven't hit another reading slump. I just forgot to blog about my books these last couple of weeks. And not because I don't want to, but because my other blog, Bound to Books, has confused me a little.

I did, however, finally remember why I was posting about the books I have read on here. My New Years Resolution was to read 50 books in 2009, and that is why these book reviews will continue to appear here. At least until January 1st. Then, any books I read, if I feel like reviewing them, will be posted solely at Bound to Books, unless I feel I have unearthed an exceptionally profound piece of literature.

Mansfield Park

By Jane Austen

I'm not going to say anything about this book, (beca

use this is for book club at Bound to Books, and we will be discussing it the first week of November! Won't you join us?) except that I really did like it.

I did think it was a little different than most other Jane Austen novels, in that i thought it's focus was much more heavily on the integrity of the characters than the inevitable romance of the characters.

And it ended oddly. Very oddly, I thought.

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Callie said...

Hmm, I need to pick up a copy of that one.