Sunday, September 13, 2009

Church Shopping and Other Such Neccessities

It's been awhile since I have give you an update on what is going on with us, so, let me catch you up to date....

Ian and I are still living outside of Nashville with my parents.

Ian is still looking for a job.

He has a BS and a Masters in International Business.

Ian has completed over 400 applications.

Ian has gotten one interview, and it was a bust.

We are still waffling over what to do next. Alright, truthfully, Ian is still waffling over what to do next. I've already decided that we can handle living here for the next 5-6 months (September-February,) until we head for training in March ish for our overseas job.

Ian isn't so sure. But you know how that is. You can handle your own parents, but learning the intricacies of your in-laws is just tiring.

Right. So I am pretty sure we will just stay here and substitute teach. Both of us, that is. We don't have that much in the way of monthly bills, and we will be able to pay off some credit card debt that has accrued due to our 3 moves in 3 months without any job. We'd love to be able to save up some money, and, honestly, to finally have some money to spend!

{Ian's tennis shoes are seriously 4 years old and are ridiculously unattractive. Those will be the first things to be replaced, I promise!}

I have a whole list in my head of things that should be replaced or just acquired. And, since all of our winter things are locked away in our storage unit in FL and are unaccessible, we will have to purchase coats, sweaters, pants, and... closed toe shoes. (what are those again?)

Along with our {hesitant} decision to just stay here, comes the need to find a new church. Our church home will always be back in Oviedo, where we grew up and were married. Our church membership will stay at our church in Gainesville, where there is excellent leadership and a desire to stay connected while we begin our new jobs as M's.

But, we know how important it is to be actively involved with a church, and to have healthy fellowship, so we began our search today.


I hate walking into a new church. No matter how friendly it is, I always feel like everyone is staring.

Moving on...

So the church we tried today was pretty good! It reminded me of my home church at FBCO 12 years ago. Not too big or small. Plenty of ways to get involved, and a nice mix in worship. Ian loved the preaching but I am not sure if he wants to just settle quite yet. We might try out a few new places, but this was the only one in the area that really interested us, so we'll have to do some research.

That's all for now. I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend and are well rested for the start of a new work week!


Erin said...

I sure can sympathize with your church shopping feelings! It was NOT a fun process for my family when we were doing it, and it wasn't a great process when Andrew and I were looking, either. Hope that you find a great place soon!!

Callie said...

That's great that you liked that church - I understand wanting to look at a few other church's too, but it's good that you liked the first one!

Jessica said...

Good luck in the church search! Substitute teaching is a good way to earn cash, which is pretty flexible. I think that's a great idea for you guys right now :-)