Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Day in the Life of a Really Bored Blogger

It's been one of those weeks. The days just seem to stretch on and on, and yet somehow, I can't believe it is already Thursday.

I loved my "week in the life of," challenge I took last fall, and plan on doing it this winter again. But, to appease the crowds (aka my mom, haha,) here is a not so interesting look into a day in the life of an unemployed, stay at home, young wife. Sans pictures.

8:15 Husband's phone ring the James Bond theme song and we both sit straight up in bed hoping it is someone wanting to hire hubby. Not so. It's just his Dad, saying that he received a rejection letter for Ian at the house (we are keeping that address for now.) boo. Roll over and go back to sleep.

8:45 Alarm goes off for real, Head straight to the bathroom to brush my teeth, wash my face, and attempt to take my vitamins. Plug nose as I open my Omega 3 bottle, place 2 chewy vitamins on either side of my mouth, and chew, chew, chew as fast as possible without gagging. Swallow, stick whole head under faucet to try to wash away the stench of death, then take my two multivitamins (they taste alot better.)

8:50 Sneak past hubby to upstairs loft, where 3 laptops await me. Ian's internet is down on his and mine sounds like a gnome lives in it (or a backhoe, whatev,) so I make a beeline for the only working one, my dad's. Check Gmail, blogger, facebook, and cnn. Check Bank of America to see if our credit line was increased, as promised. It was. Phew. We can "pay" f0r classes now.

9:00 Hubby joins me on the couch and we get lost in some food network show about the science behind "not eating before swimming," and if it is impossible to eat 6 saltine crackers in one minute. Find out, it is impossible. Flip over to Fox News to catch a moment of our fair president's "speech." Am bored/disgusted. Think of all the different ways he can make himself look like a complete jerk. Come up with 31 different ways that he could do it in this press conference. He checks off 22.

9:32 Realize I must get father in law a card, and get it in the mail by the time that the mail lady comes by the house at 10:45 ish. Wouldn't be such a big deal except for the fact that "town," is a million miles away.

Get dressed, make hair look not so scary, grab water bottle and head for car.

10:00 In the car, listining to David Crowder Band, getting frustrated with my cd player when it registers "skip song," as eject cd. Bleh.

10:15 Am on small country road heading towards town. Realize how filthy my windshield is. I would like to be able to see out it so I could enjoy the scenery, alas, my windshield wiper fluid is empty.

Pull over to the side of the road. Roll back sunroof. Take water bottle and pour it out of the sunroof towards windshield. Hit wiper button. Presto, chango...clean windshield.

Oh yes, I just did that.

10:30 Arrive at the glorious Pub1ix, Track down bogo cookies (score!) 99 cent cards, and frozen chinese dinners (2 for 3!) Check out after avoiding the "do it yourself," check out counter, which I have deemed totally creepy/annoying/going to take over the world.

10:45 Back in car, decide to be adventurous and change up my route. See wildflowers, cows, and field after field, after field.

11:00 Arrive home, run inside get Ian to help fill out 1 of 2 cards (humorous one is from him, cute and loving one from me, duh.) And have husband run them out to the mailbox. Phew, we made it.

11:03 Shower. So glorious.

11:25 Promise husband to make lunch at noon. Decide to first take the nail polish off of my toes since it looks MckNasty. Am sidetracked by dog/window/bruise on my leg/computer.

11:35 Sit down in front of the tv to watch an episode of 24:season 6 and fix my toes. Lose track of time.

12:00 (on the dot, mind you,) Starving husband comes downstairs to eat. I tell him we'll eat after Jack saves the world. Again.

12:25 24 is over, toes look clean and beautiful, and chinese food is heated up and we dive in. Top it all off with dessert.

1:00 Wander the house. Tell myself to be productive. Make a mental list of things to do "vaccuum hard floors, print up lecture outlines, read the book of Mark, read chapter in textbook, don't watch tv."

1:07 Sit down at parents desktop (yes, we have 4 computers for 4 people. Ridiculous, I know.) to print out outlines.

1:15 Am sidetracked again. Browse facebook, blogger, and CNN. Husbands back needs realignment so I help him out (aka crack his back for him. Any chirpractor is cringing, I'm sure.)

2:20 Vacccuum Hard floors. Sing "It's a Hard Knock Life," from Annie to myself. Lounge on leather couches. Ha!

3:00 Snuggle in to read some school stuff. Doze in and out. Read two chapters in text book (done!) and read 4 chapters in Mark (1/4 of the way done!)

4:00 Walk the dog, brush her, listen to Ian talk to his Dad again!

4:45 Call family friends of ours and talk to some of her kids. They make me laugh. Too bad I wasn't actually able to get a hold of HER! I'll try back later.

5:15 Settle in to email a church about being involved (prayer wise) with our ministry as we head overseas. The church offered to buy us a camera so we could do cool "live," updates, and I had to figure out a semi tactful way of asking "so, when are you going to give us that camera?" haha. I think I succeeded. Any of you have churches that are looking for partnerships with M's? Just let me know!

6:00 Turn on tv, make Christmas ornaments (more on that in the weeks to come.)

Feel like I am starving. Seriously.

6:05 Dad calls to say that we are having Chinese food for dinner. I order General Tso's Ian gets Moo Shu Pork. Will be about 40 minutes

6:30 Mom walks in the door. Starvation has turned my mind to goo

6:50 Dad walks in the door with dinner. The locals attack him.

7:30 Dinner is finished, Ian and I retire upstairs and watch the end of Iron Chef. I finish an ornament.

8:30 I have turned to complete Jello. I have no more plans for the evening. Will lounge on the couch for the rest of the night, watching TV (real housewives maybe?) and eat ice cream. Then again, isn't that what I did almost all day?


Kelley said...

i understand!

Callie said...

I like your solution for the dirty windshield. That's exactly what I would do!
And I'm waiting with bated breath about the Christmas ornaments . . .