Saturday, September 19, 2009

Endless Food

On Wednesday, Ian and I were at Union University, doing our grown up, newly voted on for hire (long story,) thing.

Our table was set up in the commons/cafeteria type room however, and we were given 10 passes to go through the line and get food if we so desired.

At first I was skeptical. I had never lived on campus during college, and with the exception of eating with my friend Jason on occasion, I had never set foot into a college dining experience.

And then, I saw it. The girl right in front of our table had returned from line with a plate full of delicious pizza and, get this, a glass of chocolate milk.

I was SOLD.

I practically ran to the line, paid with my ticket, and was delirious as I entered the food serving area. I made a beeline for the pizza (YUM!) and almost fainted at the Blue Bell ice cream buffet line, but passed it on to get my beverage of choice.

I kept asking Ian, "why didn't you tell me it was like this? I would have moved ON campus! You mean I could have gotten All You Can Eat chocolate milk and pizza?" and finally laughed and told me that the dining hall was probably the sole reason for so many girls freshman 15.

I scoffed and said I would have avoided it.

He said most of the girls got chocolate milk and pizza.


Darn it.

Maybe it's a good thing I lived at home for college!


Jessica said...

lol...I only lived on campus for one year, but I sure do remember a lot of pizza/chocolate milk meals :-)

Anonymous said...

Yum! I would have been right there with you!

katie said...

What a fantastic meal! I am a hardcore chocolate milk fan.

Oh the days of living on a college campus!

Callie said...

Ooo, chocolate milk and pizza does sound good! I'm glad I didn't live on campus either!

Kristin said...

Thanks for the comment! WE think she's pretty stinkin' cute as well!! :)

I def lived on campus for 3 years of college and I avoided the freshman 15 but got the sophmore 20. And yes, I ate a LOT of pizza and chocolate milk. Probably at least daily! yikes.

Emily said...

I laugh at the term "freshman 15"...I got the freshman 30! That college food is a beeline to a big be careful!! As a person whose spent my entire life on one diet or another...take my word for it...that meal ticket costs way more in weight loss plans and cholesterol meds to get rid of that piece of pizza and milk on your thighs!