Friday, October 23, 2009

Great Day

I had just the greatest day today!

It actually didn't start out so wonderful, now that I am thinking about it.

I woke with a pounding headache, that left me crying in bed at the sound of my hubby, you know, making noise in the kitchen. Then I was nauseous. Then I crawled to the bathroom to shower and I started to feel better.

But, after that, it all got better!

I read a little, did my hair, put on a new outfit, and hubby and I headed out for lunch.

We got soup, salads, and breadsticks at the Garden of Olives. It was wonderful.

We people watched and played the "Guess their Nationality," game.

Then we headed out to a new favorite place of ours.... The Book Attic. It's a used book store in Hendersonville, TN, and is one of the best stocked, well kept, used book stores I have been in!

I got a stack of about 8 books that I was wanting, then had to whittle it down.

I tossed one, because it was "dirty," within the first five lines.

I put back two because they are classics, and I could really find them whenever.

And I put one more back because it wasn't that great of a deal.

I ended up getting the first three books in "The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency," and A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (for the November/December Bound to Books book club!) They all were in excellent (like new,) condition, and A Christmas Carol was even hardbound!

Then Ian took me to Krispy Kreme, because I have been craving them like none other!

It ended up being a little bit of a sugar overload (I only ate 1 and a half!) but since I don't eat sugar like that hardly ever, I got a little bit sick to my stomach.

Then we came back home, read for a little bit, watched last night's Grey's Anatomy (it was good!) and I passed out in a late afternoon nap.

My parents picked up pizza from a local place that we love, then we spent the evening playing Sequence together.


And now I have gotten caught up on most of my blog reading and am going to settle down to read my first book!

That or watch the latest Netflix movie. Let's see what hubby wants to do!

What a wonderful day.

Did anyone else have a good day?


Anonymous said...

Ugh. I wish that I could say that I had a good day... but it stunk!

Brittne said...

Sounds like a great day!

Jessica said...

Sounds like such a fun day! I could spend all day in a bookstore. And I was planning on reading A Christmas Carol around Christmastime this year too! (LOVE that story!) Oh, and Sequence is such a fun game! I'm glad you had a great day :-)

Kelley said...

what a wonderful sounding day, besides the whole feeling sick to your stomach!

Callie said...

How fun! Grteat job on the books - and I love Sequence! It's a fun game.

Kristin said...

Such a wonderful day! I could really eat a Krispy Kreme donut right now ...or 3, you know, whatever. :P

Elizabeth said...

What a great day! Doing unexpected things with your hubby! Very happy for you! Hope you are feeling well!

~M~ said...

Wow! What a great day! :)

krislyn. said...

Used bookstores are the greatest!