Monday, October 19, 2009

The Shopping Results!

We finished our shopping trip last week. It was quite the adventure, let me tell you. First of all, I learned about how guys can really "fit," into anything, as long as it is their size.


For most women, a medium isn't just a medium. It is simply a category that they might fit into!

We started off our shopping with, by going to the outlets here in Nashville.

We went to GAP, where I got a purple and grey sweater, kind of like this one, but with a darker purple and about one inch stripes.
And a V-Neck Long sleeve tee, like this one, but in a great tangerine color!

The next day, we headed to an upscale mall in Nashville, where one of our first stops was my favorite....


Only, I didn't buy much from there, because I just couldn't bring myself to buy that 70 dollar hoodie that I wanted.

I did get this beautiful coral color, turtleneck tissue tee. Now I just need some sort of necklace to go with it!We meandered into the beautiful Banana Republic, where, of course, hubby found his favorite polos and flat fronted shorts for 10 dollars a piece (on sale.)

I was content with just looking for a perfect piece.

And then, I saw it. The heavens opened up and I {literally} picked these two pieces up and ran to the dressing room, leaving hubby with his purchased goods thinking "I thought we were done here!"
This Italian Merino Cardigan in Beige, is just perfect. Seriously. It has some great little details, and is the perfect weight for adding some layer underneath without too much bulk.
I'm watching for it to go on sale so I can get it in taupe {and navy blue, and cranberry!}
Pair that perfect taupe sweater with this GORGEOUS fuschia satin trimmed tee from Banana Republic. It is so classy and simple, but just pulls an outfit together.

Then we went to Express, where I picked up two washes of the Eva Fit, because they are literally the only jeans that fit me!

The next day went to DSW {aka heaven,} to get Ian a pair of black dress shoes.

I was supposed to be looking for boots. To be honest, I got so overwhelmed. I don't where *skinny* jeans so I wasn't sure what types of boots would go with the pants that I wear. I almost broke down into tears. Seriously.

But then I found he clearance aisle, and I found these beautiful shoes... They are "Rocket Dogs Memories Thai Silk Knotted Flats."

And they are seriously the most beautiful shoes. Color and all.

I also got a pair of black flats that are very similar to my old pair, but I could not find a picture of them.

Then, I ordered this jacket from Lands End, in a Heather Grey. It will be arriving in a day or two, so we'll see if it is fitted or not.

If I could get a few more pieces, I would definitely get this little black dress from Ann Taylor Loft. It is conservative enough for me to wear (probably not in the Middle East, but out and about on vacations at least.)

I'm still waiting to get these beautiful Chocolate Brown Uggs (the regular height ones.) I tried them on at Dillards (size 7,) and am just waiting until Ian gives me the okay to order them. We might wait until after Christmas (but to me that seems silly because my poor little toes will have frozen for 2 months!)

I also L-O-V-E this Jcrew textured Jersey tee. It fit absolutely perfect and was so soft, but couldn't bring myself to paying the 49.95 for it. So I'm stalking it online.

I also need to get a pants suit for our appointment/ordination coming up in a month, but we are waiting to see what happens financially first!


krislyn. said...

I am in awe of your purchases, I would be proud if I were you!! Seems as though you knocked off a lot from your list -- and can I just say the sweater from BR is to die for!!! Good find!

katie said...

What a great list! I have several comments:
1. I like the tissue tee turtleneck and coral is one of my favorites!

2. Grrr re: the mediums are not always a medium that fits situation that is women's clothing. I can look at clothes and see the size and tell if they will fit my husband. But I have to try stuff on for myself.

3. What is DSW?

4. Love the Uggs! Hope you can buy them soon. I never tuck jeans into boots, unless there is snow on the ground and I dont want my pants to get muddy and then it is not about fashion so I'm not sure if I look foolish or not, but it doesn't matter at that point.

5. I was shopping at JCrew Outlet and found a sweater thing I wanted and it too was 70 dollars! Eeeek. I wish I had stalked it to see if the price came down, but that was in August, so I imagine all of the ones in my size have found their own owners now.

6. You are an expert shopper!

Anonymous said...

Great buys! I love that first Gap sweater in the pic. So cute.

Elizabeth said...

What great finds! Love it! Looks like you got a lot and had a fun time! Boys always fit into EVERYTHING! :-)

Kristin said...

oh my goodness i want one of everything! i love the purple shoes!

also, for the uggs, i really want some but 1.our budget doesnt allow and 2. my husband doesnt allow. so i'm getting some from target. you should check them out. they look JUST like them and are only like 30.00!

Callie said...

Looks like you got some great stuff! And the purple flats are adorable!
I have a terrible time finding jeans too - Victoria Secret's jeans actually work great for me. That's where I got my last couple of pairs and I love them!

Jessica said...

Cute finds! You just put me in the mood to go shopping :-)

I worked in a shoe store for about 2 years during college, and just hearing the words "Rocket Dogs" sent about 500 memories my funny how that works

Unknown said...

cute stuff!!! my old uggs finally pooped out and i'm dying for some new ones! they're the best. ps- i was at jcrew on saturday and the necklace tissue t was on sale for $25!

Unknown said...

I love that coat you ordered. It is so 'you' and the purple pumps are adorable as well! x

Anonymous said...

aww sounds like you got some amazing stuff!!! Have you gone to the Hill Center yet? It is right down the road from the mall :) I love it! I really wish money grew on trees!

Heather said...

I love the pieces you picked out!! I just found your blog and look forward to following alond and reading more! Do you live in Nashville? that's where I am from, but now live in TX and miss TN so much!!