Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blogging Book Goal- Book #38

Alright, this post has been back logged for quite awhile, and since I will be doing a ton of reading over the next few weeks, I decided to go ahead and back post it to a date where I had no posts.

If that even made a lick of sense.

For my 38th book of this crazy reading adventure, I read the second book of Alexander McCall Smith's "No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency," aptly named Tears of The Giraffe.

Now, I don't really remember too much about this book, other than I really enjoyed it. It followed the same sort of layout as the last one, with Precious, the main character, attempting to smartly solve many mysteries that she is put in charge of solving.

The difference though, was that this one had a romantic side to it, with Precious being courted and proposed to by a close friend. I really enjoyed the comedy and dialogue in this book, not to mention the mysteries!

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