Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Not Cool

So, usually, I'm not all "doom and gloom," whenever anything happens to my clothes. Usually.

Today however, when I was sitting on the couch and I watched my in-laws' 3 year old dachshund run into the {off limits} office and come back out with a mischievous look for the second time, I knew something was definitely not right.

Then, before I could stand up, my husband walked by the office door and froze (I couldn't see into the office, mind you.)

He yelled and moved quickly, and within seconds, he came back out holding one of my brand new ugg boots.

I sprang into action and grabbed the boot from him before running back to our room.

I couldn't look at it!

I got back safely into the room as my eyes were welling up and finally worked up the courage to take a peek at the damage.

Alas, there was only a few slobber marks on the outside......but I certainly felt my heart start to race on that one!

(in hindsight, this isn't a very Thanksgivingy post, and since it is only 38 minutes until it officially Thanksgiving, let me just make a little amendment to this post. I am hereby thankful that my brand new Ugg boot, that I had waited so long for, was not obliterated by an 8 pound dachshund.)


Kristin said...

I just want to know, is the dog still alive??! LOL I'm glad your Ugg boot survived! Have a good Thanksgiving!

Callie said...

Ha! Good post. I like the amendment at the end.

Jessica said...

Wow, my heart was racing too until I found out it wasn't ruined! Have a great Thanksgiving :-)

Anonymous said...

oh that would be so horrible! I am so glad he didn't get it!!

Marsha C said...

Dogs can make good footballs. HA! JUST KIDDING!

Unknown said...

Well I am thankful your Ugg boot is okay. I love them!!!

Kelley said...

oh goodness! I'm glad your boot is ok, and I understand how frustrating that is! Max can be quite destructive!