Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not Really Sure Where to Start

But, I'll try to remember.

This past week and a half have been absolutely insane.

There has been laughter and tears, smiles and frustrations, and mixed in with a ton of family time.

We flew in from Louisiana on Wednesday, and set out for our "Great Southern Trek '09," the next morning.

I'm going to be back dating a few posts so that I can fulfill my blogging every day in November goal, because I'm particular like that.

Now that we are "home," in our hometown of Oviedo, FL, we have plans of doing nothing for a day or two before starting our visiting with family and friends, and before we buckle down to finish up our semester of classes strong.

We are so excited that we are officially hired by The Company now, and are looking forward to our training that starts in January. We made some great friends in those few short days in Louisiana and we really want to get to know them better!

We'll also be working on really getting our crate ready to ship overseas. We have a few items we want to add to it, like area rugs, this one piece of furniture from Ikea, and some extra linens and such. We have to go through and do a test run in our storage unit to make sure it will all fit, and that will be hard physical labor for a day or so.

Also, in exciting news, one of my favorite photographers did a session with Ian and I yesterday, and I am so ecstatic to see the end results! I'll link you to her as soon as I get permission!

Bear with me as I get my feet back on the ground! I haven't gotten to read anyone's blog for almost 2 weeks and I am impossibly behind!


Anne @ Sincerely, Britches said...

Wow, you've been crazy busy girl! Hope everything goes smoothly the next few weeks as you finish up your semester and such.

Callie said...

I saw one of the pictures on Facebook - the one with the books. It was so cute! I loved it.

Lindsey said...

Oh my word, you are such a busy girl!

Elizabeth said...

I am glad things are working our for you and Ian. Thats GREAT news! You sure are EVERYWHERE! How fun and exciting for the both of you. Travel safe!

krislyn. said...

Oh my, you guys have been all over the place. Take time to relax for sure. Maybe take out and a good movie tonight?! =)

Can't wait to see the pictures.

Lauren said...

What a busy life for the two of you! Good luck & I hope you are able to enjoy a few days of catching up!

~M~ said...

You are a busy bee!

Anonymous said...

oh fun fun! I have not been able to read any blogs in what feels like forever either due to school work! I cannot wait until this semester is over!!

Kelley said...

that map is pretty incredible! I can't wait to see the pictures! Have so much fun seeing all the family and friends!