Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday, Sunday

We had another wonderful day here at appointment week!

We started off the day by being picked up by a local church and taken back for their service where we were the guest speakers.

I about puked into my hymnal, but I survived.

And, you know, I talked. So that's always a plus.

(I am not a big fan of public speaking. Give me a group of kids and I am a wizard, give me a group of adults, and I am a pile of nerves. Like the "i'm going to pass out," kind of nerves.)

We had lunch with the pastor and his wife after socializing with the people from the church, and we came back to the hotel and got ready for our next meeting.

For our appointment, we had to construct a 100 word testimony for the both of us (which is very very hard,) and since we are going to a high security area, we had to be even more careful to make sure we weren't giving out any information that could cause us trouble.

We wrote our "testa byte," then filled out our I-9, which basically means we are officially employed! Wahoo!

We had a little bit of a break before dinner, than we had another meeting about shipping of our goods overseas and all of our flight baggage allowance.

After the meeting, we hung out with two other couples who are going to FPO (our training in Richmond,) with us, and we are all headed to the same region of the world. One of the couples will also be going to Vancouver with us and is actually headed to the same exact city of us after that! What a blessing that God has placed in our laps!

The wives stood around chatting about what to crate (ship in a cargo container,) what to buy over there, and how to sedate children on a long plane ride (ha!)

The husbands, well, I have no idea what they talked about. But I did hear talk about the local food of where we are going - hummus, falafal, and lots of lamb!

Tomorrow we have to be up for an official breakfast which is at 7:15 (yikes!) and then we have a non stop day until after our dress rehearsal for appointment tomorrow night at 10! Not sure if I will update tomorrow, but I will try to set up a post anyways!


Jessica said...

Sounds like a busy week! I hope everything keeps going well for you, and all the confusion about packing gets cleared up :-)

Elizabeth said...

Glad things are going well... I am sure you are busy! But hope you are having a wonderful time! I will be praying for you!