Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cooking, Cleaning, and Packing, OH MY!

{alternately titled "Packing...AGAIN."}

That's right, we are prepping for our 3rd move out of 6 for the year!

Today, my mom, Ian, and I spent all day cleaning and baking. My sister and her fiance will arrive from DC at around 4 am tomorrow morning and we decided to bake molasses cookies and snickerdoodles today, along with a batch of Orange Fluff, or Amish Salad.

Ian and I packed as much as we could. Everything that we want to take with us during this move to Orlando, and the move to Richmond, AND the move to Vancouver all has to fit in 2 large suitcases, 3 carry on sized suitcases, and our backseat of our car. Eventually, it will all need to fit in the suitcases + a travel trunk, but this trip around we are taking some stuff back to our storage unit.

Right. So, we got everything rounded up from my parents' house and is all in our bedroom now, so that we can try to downsize anything necessary before loading up and heading out from Tennessee. The next time we come back, will be for my sister's wedding, in April. Isn't that just unreal?!

And also, I have a confession. I like to sit in between the cushions on a couch. Like, in the crack, instead of on the cushions. I sit really awkwardly when forced to sit on the cushion. Is that weird?


Allison said...

That is a LOT of moving! My goodness, good luck with everything, and I wish you safe travels!

And yes.. it may be SLIGHTLY strange that you sit only on the cracks... :D

CUTE blog! ♥

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

Hahaha Brittney. That's funny - is it comfortable in between the cushions?
Merry Christmas to you guys! Blessings on your travel :)

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like you are set! Great job on the packing!! Merry Christmas to you! I hope you have a wonderful time with family! Enjoy the time!!! Blessings!! It has been great reading your blog the past few months! YOUR GREAT!!!