Saturday, December 5, 2009

Great Friends

I have awesome friends. Like, amazing ones.

We've been BFF's since around 6th grade.

And though some new people have come into our lives and some drifted away, I really have this wonderful core group of friends that I can always count on.

(Yeah, there they are, plus my wonderful sister/MOH)

Anyways, the point of all of this was this: I was going through all of my pictures (um, I have a ton. I jumped on the 'digital band wagon' way before it was cool- try 2003) to avoid doing some homework {erm, memorization of 14 pages of scripture references} and got lost in the world of digital memories.

I came upon this picture and just about died of laughter....

I don't know why, but this is such a classic picture to me. A little background would help fill you in. I had just gotten back from serving as a camp counselor/lifeguard for two months at a rich Jewish Sleepaway camp outside of Philly.

More about the "jewish," part of the camp in another post, I promise. It's quite a funny story, really.

Right. Gone for over 10 weeks. Finally came back and my (then) boyfriend, Ian (now husband,) was overjoyed to see me. He was about to leave for the Middle East and just wanted to spend us time for the 4 days that we had. I got a call, from friends who had finagled free tickets to Walt Disney World's The Magic Kingdom, and invited us to come.

Heck. Yes.

(ha! That's Katie and I when we got there.)

So, I dragged poor Ian along and off we went. It was a great night, really. Perfect.

It was a night of epic images also. Pictures like this:

and this:

or this:
or especially this:
Were all captured on that warm August eve.

Also, I was practically black due to standing in the sun all summer. Ahh. What a glorious night.

Thank You God, for giving me awesomely, amazingly, wonderful friends.

Can't wait to be home with you, and I can't even bare to think about the 3+ years we will be apart during our first term living in the Middle East.

Ya'll better come see me now.


Callie said...

It's definitely a blessing to have great friends like that!

Anonymous said...

Thanks friend! I love you! I'm trying to convince Sean that it would be a great trip for one of our anniversaries.

Kate said...

Awww so sweet. Aren't wonderful friends a blessing?

Kelley said...

too funny!

Lifetime friends are hard to come by! I'm glad you have such a great group of them!

I'm interested to hear about this Jewish camp!

Elizabeth said...

What fun times we all have with our frineds~ its wonderful!

Unknown said...

This post made smile smile smile!