Saturday, December 26, 2009

MOH Diaries, Entry One

Today, since my sister and her fiance are in town for another 24 hours, we are heading out of the house to work on wedding plans!

My sis and I are dragging around our men, while our Dad is staying home, because really, he knows what's best for him.

First up, is some venue shopping.

Then, we'll drop the boys off at a battlefield or something, and we girls will go DRESS SHOPPING!

I'm super excited about this part, because my sister wasn't originally planning on doing any dress shopping with my mom or I this weekend. Which would mean that we would have NO part of her dress selection, which just made me weep for 2 days straight.

But through careful persuasion (aka nagging,) we are going today, even if it is just to appease my mom and I, and even if Heather just tries on 2 dresses and we call it quits!

I'm so grateful to have a chance to be apart of these plans. With all of our moving and training requirements, it was possible that I could have missed my only sister's wedding, but my sis and fiance really worked with our crazy schedules and made sure to plan it during the one weekend when we were free. (seriously, one weekend out of the next 6 months when we could have come!)

Have a wonderful day after Christmas!

Christmas bells have stopped ringing in my head, and now it is totally wedding bells!


~M~ said...

have fun!!

Jessica said...

Wow, I miss wedding planning! Have fun :-)

Callie said...

Oh, have fun dress shopping! It'll be such a special time! Sorry I've been MIA lately - I haven't been a very good commenter!

Brittany said...

I too have been MIA. I hope you had a blessed Christmas! I am so happy that you get to spend time with your sister, and be apart of the wedding plans. At one point my siblings and I lived in different states. All of us! So when my sister got married I wasn't apart of anything. It broke my heart! So enjoy every minute!!!

xoxoKrysten said...

Oh you're making me miss wedding planning! Granted I don't miss all the DRAMA but dress shopping... oh gosh. So much fun!

Heather said...

I hope you had a great day of shopping and were able to find some great things!! So glad you had a wonderful Christmas!

katie said...

Oh I loved wedding planning! I hope you all had a wonderful day with each other!

Belated Congratulations to your sister!

krislyn. said...

Wedding dress shopping is so special (not by experience but i just assume this!) so I am so glad that you are able to do so with your sister, I hope there was success! My best friend just got engaged so the wedding planning has just started, but I am so anxious to get it going!!

I may need some advice to pass on to her! =)