Thursday, December 10, 2009

Papers, Memorization, and Other Such Things

I have been spending the last week and a half, holed up in my parents loft working on several end of term papers and it has not been, uhem, fun, to say the least.

I am, however, SO EXCITED! Because I just finished my last paper for the semester. This paper was on all of the Pauline Epistles and how it will be applied in our new "job," coming up next year.

And by "finished," I mean it hasn't been revised yet, but I'm really not worried about that. First thing tomorrow morning I will rise from bed and revise it and submit it.

And by "first thing," I mean after I worked out, showered, breakfasted, and got caught up on my blogs.

Tomato, Tomato

{hmmm, that phrase doesn't make as much sense typed out now does it? Maybe I should have done it phonetically.....}

Toe-may-toe, Toe- mah- toe.


I've really enjoyed these seminary classes, but it has been very, very hard being in the same classes as my husband. Though I may be obnoxiously sure about my competency for these classes, and even though Ian and I have been in classes together since middle school, this is the first class we have had together since we are married and I have had troubles putting aide my competitive side and accepting the fact that he does better than me. He did, after all, get his bachelors in Biblical studies, so he has a leg up on me on these types of classes. However, when I put in double the amount of time and effort and STILL do worse than him on tests and assignments, I, um, well, have a meltdown.

I'm learning to deal with it though. It helps if we don't both work on something at the same time. Like if I'm going to work on a paper, I tell him to go do something else so that I am not constantly comparing my speed to his!


My final exam is next Friday, and it consists of memorizing 14 pages of scripture verses and references. I'm making real progress and really kicked butt on 4 pages yesterday. I have yet to retest myself today to see if any of it stuck, but still!

I am truly excited for tomorrow, because I plan on doing alot of Christmasy things.

And on watching a copious amount of Netflixed "24: Season 7." Because what doesn't say Christmas like a spy diverting some sort of national crisis?

Pictures to come.

Aren't you psyched?


krislyn. said...

Good luck studying! Ohh, I remember the days of studying for exams in college, can't say I miss it! ha.

Have a wonderful weekend. And no, I have not forgotten to send you the book .. I bought the wrong size envelope and everytime I go to target I forget to get the bigger size! BUT no fear, I am on my way to Target with little Isabella and it will be on its way to you!! =)

Thanks for being SO patient!

katie said...

You're almost there!! Good luck with all of that memorization. It is pretty cool that you are doing that. I don't think I could memorize that much that quickly!

And by now I bet you have finished your paper! Yay!!

Callie said...

I'm glad you "finished" your paper! you'll do great!