Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Holiday list

This year is an exciting one for me for some reason. Yes, we are still living at my parents, so we won't be able to have our "own," Christmas. I figure that there is plenty of that in our future, so why worry about it now?

I wanted to have something special on each of December that was Christmas related, so I came up with my own sort of Christmas Calendar List. Even if it's just watching a favorite Christmas movie or baking some sort of holiday treat, I'd really like to keep us focused on the meaning of the holidays instead of the hustle and bustle, shopping and tinsel (which, we incidentally don't use any more after the Christmas Disaster of 2002 where our cat ate the tinsel..... made for interesting litter box clean up, let me tell you.)

So, here is the layout for us for the next 25 days! It's a really flexible schedule and I'm sure we will rearrange to whatever seems best for that day, so really it's just 25 ideas of Christmas things to do.

In fact, I just deleted all of the dates, just so it wouldn't be too high maintenance.

Christmas Tree Cutting- We are going to a local tree farm, which is new to me, because we have always gotten our "fresh," tree from a grocery store!

Bethlehem Inn- My parents' church is putting on a "walk through Bethlehem," dinner theater thing and we have tickets to go!

Decorate the House- My momma and I have a standing date for this one!

Christmas tree decorating- It's always been a family affair, so I am so excited to do it this year! Also, sorry sis, but you aren't here so I have dibs on the angel this year.

Christmas Cards- I am not going to spend any money on cards this year, but I had saved a bunch of leftover Christmas Cards from the last several years so I am going to send out a few with special notes instead of a generic "Holiday Greetings from the Galloways!"

Book Signing- A certain famous blogger/ cookbook author is coming to Nashville next week and I will surely be there in line, to see her in person and get a signature!

Present Wrapping- Seriously, I love wrapping presents. I usually end up wrapping my dad's presents for my mom because he is never home alone in order to do it!

Light Seeing- My momma has this one all planned out. Apparently there is some acreage nearby that charges 8 dollars a car for people to drive through and see their ridiculously decorated property. I'm game.

Watch All of the Christmas "Office," episodes- seriously...need I say more?

Go See the new A Christmas Carol, by Disney!

Make Molasses cookies!

Make and decorate Sugar Cookies- Just like I did when I was three (and for the next 20 years following.)

Get hot cocoa and people watch in a mall. Be glad that I am sitting still and observing rather than running all over the place.

Pray with my husband over the next year.

See my mom's choir present their Christmas musical!

Decorate a gingerbread house! I've never actually done this either..isn't that sad?

Go and see the Radio City Rockettes (we've got tickets! Yay!)

Lick a candy cane into a sharp point. It's tradition! (anyone else hear "it's tradition," and think of ever after? I do.)

Dance around to music from the Nutcracker (alright,I might have to do this one by myself, but by golly, I will do it!)

Read the Nativity story with my husband.

Watch some Christmas movies- Our favorites?

-The Holiday

-Home Alone, 1 and 2

-A Muppet Christmas Carol (oh this one is my Dad's favorite.)

-It's A Wonderful Life (okay, I've never seen this one, but I will this year!)


-The Santa Clause

-Miracle on 34th Street (the new one, not the old one.)

-The Polar Express


katie said...

Oh you will enjoy Its a Wonderful Life! Love this Christmas list. :)

And the Radio City Rockettes and seeing that famous cookbook author sounds like a fantastic time!

Elizabeth said...

Your list is great! I think I might try to do a few of your ideas...i will keep you posted on them! Love Christmas movies! Makes me HAPPY! :-)

Lauren said...

What a great list! Those things all sound so wonderful!

Jessica said...

You just really got me in the Christmas mood! What a great idea :-) I'm so jealous that you're going to see the Rockettes! And I also love A Muppet Christmas Carol :-) You will like It's a Wonderful Life...another one of my favorites :-)

I hope you enjoy every day of this Christmas season!

Ginger said...


Kelley said...

i love it!

Callie said...

Great list! Be prepared though, because Disney's new version of the Christmas Carol is kind of scary and rather dark. Derek and I didn't really like it, and it's definitely not for kids. So be warned.